'Heartbreaking': Lesbian champion regrets children being victimized

There are a lot of people in America who regret that children have been caught up in the LGBT social movement – the one Joe Biden has established as one of his top priorities, along with unlimited abortion, for the nation.

Obviously, there are parents. And conservatives. And Republicans. And grandparents. And Christians. And more.

And now: One lesbian activist.

The message was posted online by a Twitter account calling itself “Gays Against Groomers.”

That group explains, “This is the heartbreaking reality of what the woke activists have done to our community with their push to sexualize & indoctrinate children. So many of us feel this way. Had we known this is what our fight for equality would have led to, we wouldn’t have fought for it at all.”

A woman, known online only as Carol, said in a video, “If I would have understood when I was younger that fighting for my rights as a lesbian would mean allowing children to drag shows, attaching child molesters to our community, and allowing children to change their sex before they even know what their favorite color is, I would have never done it.”

After a long pause, she added, “Never.”

A comment at the Gateway Pundit said the video reveals the thoughts of “a self-proclaimed lesbian woman … on what is happening today in the woke community.”

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