Help wanted: Guillotine operators and technicians

The headline of this column is satire, but the topic is deadly serious. As a prolific consumer of anti-globalist media, I have been increasingly seeing what seems to me to be a campaign of incitement to insurrection and violence against the corruption class. It is our people who are being induced to join in that chorus, and I suspect the effort is being orchestrated by the Chinese Communist Party in cooperation with Obama’s “intelligence” agencies. It gives off the same vibe as the Charlottesville, Whitmer and Jan. 6 entrapment operations but on a much larger scale.

The short term danger is that many otherwise level-headed constitutionalists will get caught up in that spirit and either resort to clandestine vigilantism or publicly echo the incitement-to-violence rhetoric (or actions) and be prosecuted for it (or coerced into being government spies/entrapment facilitators under threat of prosecution).

If you are being lured into that trap, STOP and remember that the reality of “justice” under the Biden regime is use of the D.C. jails and worse. More importantly, realize that it is the Marxists themselves who want and thrive on social chaos, and that if you allow yourself to be emotionally baited into doing something stupid, you will become just another “useful idiot” in service to their agenda.

Anger at the corruption class is certainly justified, and even calls for capital punishment for those responsible for the entirely preventable, massive death toll related to the Plandemic and Great Reset (e.g. the Big Pharma, Big Media and Big Tech puppet-masters behind it all, as well as their bought-and-paid for public officials).

And, should all else fail in the effort to restore our republic, even civil war – as an absolutely last resort – would be better than slavery.

BUT, there is a lot of open battleground between here and there, and most of the infrastructure of our civilization is still intact, albeit being misused by the left. That fact was proven Tuesday in the 2021 off-year elections in which the Republicans (many of them conservatives) vastly outperformed what the leftist media expected, with Virginia being the jewel in the crown. The fears that we would see a repeat of the 2020 election fraud in the 2021 races did not come to pass – or rather, the cheating was not sufficient to overcome the Republican leads.

Hope was restored Tuesday night, but inevitably the national mood will dampen as more Marxist outrages occur and we’ll soon be back to a climate wherein many people are susceptible to “vigilantism and violence is the answer” rhetoric.

I’ve wanted to address this topic for some time now, but in the afterglow of the Nov. 2 elections, I think it will make a lot more sense to people.

Last point. In every human contest, Satan works both sides of the street. He always works to bring chaos from order and to cause people to defile and degrade themselves. He knows human strengths and weaknesses and that there is a flip-side to every emotional/behavioral coin – one that can be exploited under the right circumstances. A person’s natural assertiveness can be pushed into aggression. A reserved person can be pushed into passivity. It is only by staying centered on the narrow path of righteousness that one can avoid going over the line to legalism on one side or license on the other. The solution is always to think biblically and act ethically.

The motto of my law firm when I was in practice years ago was Micah 6:8:

“He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you but to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?”

We Christians in the MAGA movement must teach and model that balance of justice and mercy in humility. It is our job to ensure that the American counter-revolution against Marxist tyranny and globalist manipulations never degenerates into a French-style “reign of terror” in which the headline of this message could be taken seriously. It is no joke that the Marxists want that result. Let’s not give it to them.

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