Here's one way Democrats plan to steal 2022 election

Democrats are working right now to steal the 2022 election – here we go again.

Writers for a D.C.-based media operation run by prominent Democratic operatives are behind a sprawling network of “fake news” outlets started recently that are churning out slick “news content” in midterm battleground states.

These sophisticated disinformation efforts are operating right now, at this late date, by pumping out Democratic talking points on ostensibly “local news sites” from its Washington headquarters, targeting key swing states Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

The secret plot has been carried out since the 2021 and 2022 campaigns began and includes at least 51 locally branded deceptive and highly partisan sites like the “Milwaukee Metro Times,” the “Mecklenburg Herald” and the “Tri-City Record.”

Axios, which broke the scandal, reported: “Behind the patina of independent local news, these sites are pumping out content designed to put a sheen of original reporting on partisan messaging.”

The sheer, diabolical genius of the template includes aggregated local news content and short write-ups about local sports teams and attractions – “interspersed with heavily slanted political news aimed at boosting Democratic midterm candidates and attacking Republican opponents.”

Their mastheads indicate involvement by another entity: the American Independent, a Washington-based left-wing faux “news outlet.”

And who’s behind it? The American Independent was launched by George Soros operative and fundraiser David Brock – also known for founding the left-leaning media watchdog Media Matters for America. The American Independent, which is anything but “American” or “Independent,” was founded by Matt Fuehrmeyer, a former senior aide at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and to Harry Reid, the late former Senate Democratic leader.

The for-profit entity is funded in part by the nonprofit arm of American Bridge, an opposition research-focused Democratic super PAC, according to its website.

Jessica McCreight, the American Independent’s executive editor, was quoted as saying, “It’s been widely reported that where local news outlets shut down, dis- and misinformation grows. To combat this challenge, the American Independent has expanded to bring readers local, fact-based news and information on topics and issues that impact their communities.”

Previously, McCreight worked in former President Barack Obama’s communications team.

Here’s how deceptively these site describe themselves: “In Michigan’s great progressive tradition, we aim to hold the powerful accountable to the people, follow the money, and dig out the truth. Although we give you the inside scoop, we are not a publication for ‘insiders.’ Instead, we cover the way politics and government affect citizens of the state.”

This “fake news” operator is different from CNN and MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post and the favorites of Big Tech censors. It has the advantage of not carrying any baggage. It’s purportedly local. It’s targeted. It doesn’t have any Big Tech warnings attached to it. It’s a lie from beginning to end.

You’ve got to hand it to the “Demoncrats.” You probably didn’t see this one coming. It’s one more advantage they didn’t need when the “press” is already so mind-bogglingly stacked against Republicans – while the MAGA-movement is literally fighting to save the country in this election.

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We didn’t need this – not now.

Meanwhile, think of how WND, after 25 years of providing an honest conservative, Christian point of view, has been permanently DEMONETIZED by Google and YouTube, throttled by Facebook and labeled as “dangerous” by Big Brother Big Tech.

This attack against WND represents a five-alarm fire for us, folks!

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