Hey, pro-life racist! You and Musk are dangerous

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Cries of “racism” from the left were inevitable this side of midterms – now to a deafening pitch considering Roe v Wade may be sent back to states to decide the issue of life for themselves.

But wait, you ask, does that make Clarance Thomas a “racist” too? Especially him. Where have you been? Even once-beloved-by-the-left Elon Musk is a racist now. Haven’t you heard? I know that may be hard to swallow since Elon left South Africa in his youth so that he didn’t even have to be around apartheid. Whatever. Yesterday? The hero who gave the world electric automobiles at scale and “saved the planet” for the progressive left. Today? A “racist.”

You’re a racist too if you disagree with the self-righteous, socialist, anti-free-speech agenda. And it goes without saying then you’re a bigot, a homophobe and transphobe. I’ll go back and read the protest signs, but I’m sure you’re even worse.

For sure you’re deplorable, going to school board meetings and caring about your children’s educational and spiritual well-being. And for crying out loud, attempting to raise “boys and girls” without secretive hormone therapy and life-altering elective surgery. Then having the temerity to suggest this might be the best course for communities of color as well. No wonder Disney executives get the gags thinking about people like you, racist.

You deserve to be driven out of restaurants and overpriced gas stations, driven from the public square and “not welcome anytime, anywhere” in your own neighborhood. That’s how “dangerous” you are, churchgoing, family-loving, Fourth of July celebrating, taxpaying, flag-waving American.

Surely you know in your heart of hearts by now they’re the virtuous ones. The “antiracists.” Except when it comes to black police or maybe Clarence Thomas. OK, Candace Owens too.

But they are the virtuous party of legalized drugs so that communities of color can stay as high as the damaged white dotards in charge did in the ’60s. They’re now the caring protectors of ruthless thugs and drug criminals in urban areas. Not like you with your “eye for an eye” law-and-order thing.

And unlike you, they get the virtue of urban-job-diluting human trafficking to our borders because, well, race. If you had your way, violent cartels might go out of business altogether. Then who would traffic the deluge of cheap labor and abundant drugs to America?

Their virtuous “necessarily skyrocketing” energy policies save people of color from drowning in America’s abundant, cheap fuel supply. You, on the other hand, have no earthly idea what “climate equity” even is.

They are the virtuous party of confusing, sexual identity for urban kids. Creepy as it may sound, it turns out they may love “marginalized” children more than the Creator or their own God-fearing mothers.

But more important than these considerable virtues is the extravagant gift from white leftists to black America some 50 years ago – the gift of government assisted “abortion.” You have to admit, the word does have an endearing ring to it. And not just “safe, legal and rare” abortion. “No ma’am … excuse me, birthing-minority. For you? We’ll even pay for your gruesome late-term abortion, up to fourth ‘trimester.'”

The gift that keeps on taking is certainly virtuous. They work selflessly to place a disproportionate number of Margret Sanger’s “clinics” in communities of color.

Unlike you, racist, they vehemently defend the “rights of minorities” to take the life of their child, wiping out that child’s entire future bloodline. Attending prestigious universities, they are smart enough to calculate that one minority child may become hundreds or thousands over time. So, obviously, they are not pro-life racists. You are, with your deplorable “choose life” perspective.

I know what you’re thinking, “But wait, weren’t they the party of slavery that America had to fight a civil war over? And wasn’t Biden himself best pals with the high-ranking KKK leader, Robert Byrd, who called people of color ‘race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds,’ eulogizing him like some white demigod, party hero?”

Well, yes. But that’s not the point. You, your Twitter-buying, anti-apartheid friend, Elon Musk, and Clarence Thomas are the real racists. And remember historically, progressives “prefer the truth over facts.”

Which brings me to you, “pro-life racist.”

You believe that regardless of skin color we are each “fearfully and wonderfully made” in our mother’s womb, created in the image of God, and therefore equal. See, that “all-lives-matter” attitude proves you’re a racist. Somehow … for sure.

By the way, most of the radical left don’t believe we were created by God. Charles Darwin said so, and they’ve placed unwavering faith in his “origins of the species” theory as sacred text. In their religious, excuse me, “public” schools, you are perfectly free to say, “In the beginning Mud.” Certainly not “In the beginning God,” knuckle-dragging Neanderthal. Life in the womb is valueless.

See, dumb racist, life is an impossible cosmic accident, just random space junk with no purpose or destiny. So, the nihilistic left must community organize us or the species is doomed, just like their atheistic overlord George Soros insists. And we don’t want mindless politicians to perish from the absence of his benevolent glow, do we? Or from climate change?

But my point is you can trust them.

They may be greedy and obviously lusting for limitless power, but they are also self-sacrificing for our greater good. All that crony capitalism, canceling, rioting, looting and torching isn’t as easy as it looks.

I know what you’re thinking, “But these same godless authoritarians might have aborted us conservatives if given the chance.” Fair enough. But now that you’re here rest assured they have your best interests at heart. Granted, they may beat you down, occasionally burn down or loot your businesses, remove police protections and the right to defend yourself, even lock you away for disagreeing. But its only for your own good. All we need is love.

Speaking of beatdowns and love, maybe what we need to unite pro-life racists like you, me, Clarence Thomas, the majority of the Court and Elon Musk with virtuous non-racists is an abortion-celebrating “Summer of Love.” So, get ready for 2.0.

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