History expert warns of REAL intent of pro-Roe protests

(Photo by Nihal Karkala on Unsplash)
(Photo by Nihal Karkala on Unsplash)

In a constitutional Republic such as the United States, voters elect lawmakers, who make the laws. Judges appointed by elected executives interpret those laws.

There are three things that are absolutely assured. Two you already know: death and taxes. The third is that no one will be happy with the results of government all the time.

The accepted practice when that happens is for people to work to elect other leaders, who make other laws and appoint other judges.

Or if you’re a leftist Democrat in America enraged by the possibility the long-suspect Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision creating a “right” to abortion might be abandoned, you can just march down the streets, blockade an individual’s private resident and scream at the top of your lungs as you demand your own way.

Which is just about what is happening these days.

In a column written for the Daily Mail, Wilfred McClay, professor of history at Hillsdale College, warned that Ronald Reagan was right when he said, “Freedom is never more than one generation of extinction.”

Secondly, McClay wrote that the threat to America’s freedom today “is coming from the political left in our own country.”

“The leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion, suggesting that a majority of the justices are on the verge of overturning the most controversial decision in modern history, has unleashed leftist rage and illustrated the movement’s worst anti-democratic impulses,” the commentary explained.

In fact, the White House allowed the rage of leftists to heat up for a full week before – eventually – condemning “violence, threats, or vandalism” being inflicted by rioters on the pro-abortion battle front.

The Daily Wire noted that action followed “days of silence.”

And the comments came only after “vandals” set fire to a pro-life clinic in Wisconsin, threatening, “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.”

In the actual statement, the White House promoted the “fundamental right” of Americans to “express themselves,” but just said it has to be “peaceful and free of violence.”

During the weekend, too, pro-abortion radicals marched to the homes of Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh. While Roberts’ exact position on the ruling isn’t known precisely, Kavanaugh was one of five justices who reportedly were behind the draft opinion that would overturn Roe.

Earlier, leftists had released details about the residences of the justices’ home addresses and more.

Also, churches were under fire, with a Boulder, Colorado, Catholic church being defaced with a hate screed.

McClay noted it was Biden himself who has given impetus to the unreasonable behavior, by ignoring the pro-life movement’s 50-year history of dignified and nonviolent protest, and labeling conservatives the “most extreme political organization” in recent history.

McClay pointed out the protests were less an exercise of “free speech” than a campaign to destroy the independent of justices and institutions that should be protected from politics.

“What we see from the political left today is a rising tide of intimidation, coercion and censorship, epitomized by the Biden administration’s creation of a Disinformation Governance Board, but also by the decision of numerous powerful and politically aligned Big Tech companies, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and the like, to disfavor or suppress speakers and viewpoints with which they disagree,” McClay wrote.

He said to move toward a solution first has to be an understanding of the difference between liberalism and leftist. Liberalism simply is a philosophy that affirms freedom and rights of conscience, which the Declaration of Independence confirms as “unalienable.”

The left, he explained, demands control because of its belief “in its capacity to remake the world in its own image – the image of a utopian world based on complete equality of condition.”

“Freedom is not the goal. Hence it is not sufficient for government to give individuals the freedom to speak for themselves, as classical liberalism does. Instead, those individuals must be supplied with the correct opinions and made to say the right things. They can’t be allowed to express opinions that do not support the governing powers. They must, in the chilling but sincere words of French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, be ‘forced to be free.'”

It was Douglas Blair of The Daily Signal who was on scene when “dozens of furious marchers” were “hellbent on demonstrating their rage” toward the conservative Supreme Court justices.

There was a “flood” of protesters over the weekend who targeted the homes of at least two justices, John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh, who previously was in the bull’s-eye of leftists across the country when he was subjected to the most extreme attacks during his Senate confirmation hearing.

He was the target of unsubstantiated attacks and allegations about his own personal behavior and what leftists claimed he would do on the high court bench, claims that largely were unsupported and forecasts which largely have proven unfounded.

During those 2018 hearings even the leftists at BBC reported on Sen. John Cornyn’s comment that the hearing was taken over by “mob rule.”

The report explained when Kavanaugh entered the hearing room, it was “disrupted by angry shouts from members of the public.”

Stunning, the report confirmed, “lawmakers” joined in that activity.

The claims reached beyond the “wild” category, with critics alleging he would let President Trump pardon himself, he would deprive people with pre-existing conditions of medical coverage, and more.

Dozens of people had to be removed from the hearing room, some were arrested.

Democrats trotted out witness after witness who made allegations about what Kavanaugh did – dating back to his teen years. One witness claimed to have been at a party where she was ill-treated by Kavanaugh, only she couldn’t remember where the party was, how she got there, or how she got home.

From The Daily Signal report on protests against the Supreme Court:

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