History teaches that 'conspiracy theories' often aren't theories

The ruling elites, the lapdog media and those who suffer from a menticide that persuades them gullibility is a desirable character trait, call any opinion to the contrary “conspiracy theories.” Blissfully jumping off whatever cliff of insanity government and its godless Marxian minions dictate doesn’t work for me. This coercive persuasion is the well-rehearsed practice utilized by those who fancy themselves as intellectually enlightened and socially superior. Any exposed truth they view as a threat to their regency is classified as a conspiracy; that is, until it’s exposed as factual truth.

I recently had in depth discussion with two longtime friends/colleagues who are brilliant and respected persons in their respective fields. One is an epidemiologist; the other is a military historian and political activist.

I’m a vocal and unapologetic proponent of mistrusting government, specifically the diseased strains of neo-Leninism that have been successfully used to destroy the social and cultural autoimmunity of our America, a nation that started out as a healthy, vibrant organism designed and created to be one nation under God and a bastion of liberty and justice for all.

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Permit me to lay the foundation for my reasoning by pointing out a few past things that were called conspiracy theories until they were proven to be factual truths.

There was the Tuskegee experiments, which began as a six-month descriptive epidemiological study under the exuberant approval of then Surgeon General Thomas Parran Jr., who was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s de facto equivalent to Hitler’s Josef Goebbels. Only instead of experimenting on Jews, these Democrats experimented on those they openly referenced as subhuman from 1932-1972. Democrats saw those men who were the first generation of former slaves as good for scientific experimentation per the effects of untreated syphilis and creating treatments for the disease.

More than 600 men were unknowingly subjected to the experiments, which we’re supposed to believe were harmless experiments. We’re also supposed to believe none of the men were injected with syphilis, hence the accusations of conspiratorial reasoning by uninformed “niggers and their Evangelical sympathizers.” It goes unaddressed that over 25% of the unwitting participants died. It’s considered hyperbole to point out that the men who died were in effect murdered – the argument being that since they weren’t injected with syphilis, wink-wink, they would have died anyway after having spread the disease via their “uncontrollable” libido, i.e., sex drive of “those people.”

The Tuskegee experiments ceased to be conspiracy theories when the facts I’ve referenced could no longer be dismissed.

The government did nothing to stop the LSD experiments upon unsuspecting prison inmates who were poor and uneducated – who never consented to be used as human guinea pigs.

Many Vietnam veterans suffer from unknown diseases contracted from tests performed upon them. Consider the secret sterilizations of poor so-called niggra-women in the South. I participated in a Capitol Hill event for Mark Crutcher’s documentary “Maafa 21.” I spoke at length with two women who had been unknowingly sterilized by government doctors. This, too, was a conspiracy theory, until Crutcher exposed the mission of government elites and their secret agendas, treachery and corruption at the very highest levels of political and corporate America.

Africa has been the laboratory for human experimentation of drugs for many decades, under the guise of providing health care to poor, backward people. Supposedly independent health entities sterilized African women without their permission or awareness. This, too, was call a conspiracy theory, until the truth was exposed.

Carol Van Strum fought the federal government and the chemical megaliths Dow Chemicals and Monsanto to stop the timber industry’s spraying of deadly toxins in Oregon. The timber industry, in Five Rivers, in Oregon’s Siuslaw National Forest in the 1970s, was knowingly using the same compound found in Agent Orange. It was ultimately revealed that the chemical giants and the federal government were aware spanning all the way back to the 1920s that this deadly agent was being sprayed into the water and ecosystem. Government regulators and the chemical industry secretly worked together to conceal the deadly effects of the life-altering toxins.

With the aforementioned as my foundation, I move to that which I discussed with the two individuals referenced at the beginning this article. I expressed my concerns that government was surreptitiously involved in the mining of DNA from sites like 23andMe and Ancestry.com. I’m also concerned about the access pharmaceutical companies, the military and nefarious divisions of the Justice Department and federal law enforcement have to these DNA repositories.

It’s a given that GlaxoSmithKline didn’t spend $300 million in a deal with 23andMe back in 2018 for no reason. I’m convinced without reservation that some department of the federal government is involved in the mining of information from these essentially DNA data repositories.

I cannot prove it, but I’d be a fool not to consider at the very least whether government and pharmaceuticals are using this DNA data to tweak the toxins they’re claiming are life-saving vaccines, when in reality people are being given life-ending and life-altering deadly substances. In brief, is there a tweaking process intended to identify certain population groups who would be given injections that cause them to die for the express purpose of population control?

Reuters reported in April 2021 that Bill Gates said: “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That [number] is headed up to about 9 billion. Now, If we do a really good job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by 10 or 15 percent.”

Gates is certainly not alone in his commitment to global population reduction and control. Naturally, we were told that Gates wasn’t suggesting the global population be killed off using vaccines; he was actually just advocating the improvement of public heath using vaccinations that can reduce sustainable population growth in the future and with it, lower carbon emissions. The fact is that however they try to spin it, it stills sounds exactly like killing people to reduce the population. It’s only a conspiracy theory – until it’s proven true.

That said, there are very, very few ways to reduce the global population, and both of the ones I can think of are based upon killing specific population groups. Should I not question why the government would go to such nefarious extremes, including lost of livelihood, inability to obtain government contracts, being forced out of the military, being denied attendance to schools and higher education and in extreme cases disqualification for scholarships? Why would it be conspiratorial to question why the public is being bullied and forced to surrender to a known deadly injection, when ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine work impeccably well with no adverse health risks whatsoever? Especially considering ivermectin is one of the oldest, safest medical applications for remedying flus, etc.

Part of our discussion focused on why even many Republicans, including George Bush et al., are so eager to permit the uncontrolled invasion of illegals into our country. I’m not the only one who questions if there is a military application to this influx. I’m not the only one who views this invasion of illegals with no allegiance to the American people, as a means for government to having a fighting force given citizenship based upon military service, to be used for martial law and turning their weapons upon We the People.

I’ll tolerate being called a conspiracy theorist, because I’ve lived through the examples I’ve listed as a foundation and many others in my life. The government’s demonically driven minions accuse people such as myself of being conspiracy theorists rather than admitting we’re speaking truth. Many will remember that Obama accused us of this at the time he was railroading Obamacare through. He and his ilk mocked Americans as being stupid and falling for their lies.

There’s nothing that persuades me the American people are not being played as fools, the outcome of which will redefine the meaning of “bad outcomes.”

I strongly suggest the American people practice saying “no” now, because I believe the day the number 666 will be required for every facet of life is just ahead on the near horizon.

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