Hoekstra: What is wrong with our system?

Just what is wrong with the American system, a former member of Congress is demanding to know.

“Is it surprising that after the Pulitzer decision, the Russia collusion hoax, the Whitmer kidnapping hoax, the COVID origin hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop hoax, and now the January 6th Committee hoax, that many American’s believe there is something wrong?”

The question comes from Peter Hoekstra, Ambassador to the Netherlands during the Trump administration and for 18 years, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Michigan.

He wrote at the Gatestone Institute, where he is a distinguished senior fellow, of the recent scandals of truth-or-lies that have developed.

For example, there were the Pulitzer prizes awarded to the New York Times and Washington Post for their work on the alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia.

Of course, those claims now are totally debunked. But Hoekstra noted that the “investigative reporting by these two organizations was so thorough and groundbreaking it turned up things that were not even there.”

And even worse, the Pulitzer Committee refused to rescind the honors, thereby earning itself its own prize – “for fraud.”

That scenario explains, Hoekstra explained, “why so many Americans have been losing trust in their institutions, both public and private.”

Then, he said, there is the Russia hoax.

It is “emblematic of the model built by the anti-Trump, anti-America First, anti-populist movement that the American people have experienced for the last six years. It embodies many of the characteristics that have frustrated Americans. It is a combination of influential forces – media, social media, political players, and government – that put forward information detrimental to one – oddly always the same – political viewpoint,” Hoekstra wrote.

“In this instance, populists – believers in the rights, wisdom or virtues of the common people, according to Merriam Webster – who might embrace the concept of personal freedom espoused by the Constitution, a free market economy, economic growth, energy independence, school choice, equal application of the law and decentralized governance.”

That smear scheme, of course, was funded by Hillary Clinton-linked associates, pushed by Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman and leaked to the press to damage President Trump.

What resulted was Robert Mueller’s multi-year, multi-million dollar “Russiagate” review, which hindered Trump’s first two years in office and debunked the conspiracy theory.

Then there is the “kidnapping plot” against Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. A jury concluded the FBI “entrapped” two of the accused, he explained.

But the media claimed through it was the plot of “domestic terrorists,” i.e. Trump supporters.

“Whitmer went so far as to accuse Trump of being complicit in the plan, even though it emerged that these alleged plotters had also supposedly wanted to hang Trump,” he explained.

And the COVID pandemic, he noted. “The ‘facts’ at the time were supposedly that it came from ‘nature’ and that the Chinese Communist Party government had supposedly known nothing about its human-to-human transmissibility, even though it had ‘made whistleblowers disappear and refused to hand over virus samples so the West could make a vaccine,'” he reported.

“The mainstream media and social media also quickly began parroting the ‘official’ story line,” he said. “Social media companies suspended the accounts of whoever might have had a different opinion and some were even canceled.”

Now a lab-leak is considered the most likely source of the worldwide death campaign.

“Imagine how different the 2020 presidential election might have been if the debate was how the world would have held the CCP accountable for the leak and coverup of COVID from the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Hoekstra pointed out.

“Or how about the Hunter Biden laptop cover-up? Once again, On October 14, 2020, just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, a critical story of possible extensive influence-peddling with senior intelligence officers in the CCP, Russia and Ukraine by the son of a presidential candidate. The contents of the laptop raised questions that the candidate at the time, Vice President Joe Biden, could be compromised. The entire subject was decisively pushed aside, along with the potential threat to national security that such an eventuality might entail,” he said.

“Discussion of Hunter Biden’s laptop with its reportedly incriminating information about the Biden family business dealings with the CCP, Russia, and other actors in what appeared to be a model of pay-for-play, was instantly shut down. Fifty-one former government intelligence officials , who we now know were perfectly well aware that the laptop was real – the FBI had been holding it for months – wrote a letter describing the contents of the laptop as having ‘all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation’ designed to damage Joe Biden,” he said.

But those claims were false.

“Once again, the leadership at the FBI, the media, social media, and former government officials had developed a hoax to damage their political opposition and the people who supported it.”

And importantly, there’s Nancy Pelosi’s Jan. 6, committee, which Hoekstra called a “one-sided investigative body, sometimes called ‘the third (attempted) impeachment.’ The committee appears to have been put in place to stop Trump from running for office again. Before the proceeding even began, its outcome was predetermined: Trump was to be found guilty of – something,” he said.

Significantly, it has allowed only anti-Trump testimony, and even has refused to question Pelosi, who turned down offers of additional troops to protect the Capitol that day.

Hoekstra delivered his verdict, “The media, social media, government officials and others have been complicit in undermining our rule of law and possibly even subverting an election.”

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