Hospital uses photo of vaccine-fired nurse to recruit for her replacement

Besides and in addition to any question of legality of the actions, there’s no doubt many Americans feel corporations are abusing their workers if they fire them for failing to comply with COVID-19 mandates.

But one health-care company, Asante, based in southern Oregon, is being trashed online for firing one such worker, and then using her own image in an advertisement seeking a replacement for her.

The report on Facebook comes from Tiana Therrien, who reveals, “I am losing my job due to the vaccine mandate.”

She then reproduces Asante’s ad seeking from the public referrals for “top-notch healthcare professionals.”

If a worker is hired through the process the referrer is promised $750.

The image shows a young woman in a canoe on a lake, with the logo, “Help build our team and get a bonus!” and it’s signed “Asante.”

Therrien continued, “Asante is now using a photo of me to advertise replacement of my exact position. After almost 6 years of working for this company and being thrown away like I am nothing this is just another slap in the face.

“Good job Asante. Feel free to share so others know what kind of company they’re getting into,” she concludes.

She explained several years earlier she had participated in a “campaign” for the company, which is how the corporation had the image. “Big regrets now,” she said.

Various social media comments included, “Such a slap in the face,” and “So disgusting.”

Another said, “That’s messed up.”

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