How America ends: The Democrats' final solution

By Brad Lyles, M.D.

There’s an old joke in psychiatry: “Are you really paranoid if they are out to get you?”

Is it really paranoid to imagine Democrats actually have a logical reason for doing all of the bizarre and increasingly outrageous things they’ve been doing?

Is it really paranoid to consider that any logical reason for the acceleration of Democrats’ tyrannical acts must include the their assumption things will work out well for them in the end?

But what possible outcome could be so dear that the Democrats are not only confident they will prevail but almost indignant about it? What calculus can they be using to justify – to themselves – the profound costs in electoral support they are suffering, costs that might include the loss of their party?

What are Democrats up to?

When all elements of recent Democratic behavior are pieced together, only one possibility remains – fantastical though it might seem: The Democrats intend to make their putative hegemony official, and permanent.

How will they do it?

They will likely invoke and weaponize Presidential Emergency Powers – and likely also operationalize the hidden powers of the PEADS (the Presidential Emergency Action Documents) – claiming they are compelled to act because of the “existential” threat posed by invisible “domestic terrorists,” “violent extremists” and “enemies within.” Of course, they will be referring to Republicans, Trump supporters and parents who advocate for their children.

But what powers will the Democrats unlimber when they assert those Presidential Emergency Powers?

After canceling elections, they will merely build upon what they’re already doing: Mass arrests, detention and imprisonment of their enemies (currently the Jan. 6 “insurrectionists”) and intimidation campaigns (most recently the use of SWAT teams to kick in the doors of journalists, such as James O’Keefe, as well as elections officials in Mesa County, Colorado).

Doubtlessly, they will limit free speech and expand censorship, canceling every conservative voice on the internet, on cable and in print, as well as any entity challenging the party line.

They will expand the Surveillance State, confiscate guns, nullify the Bill of Rights and neuter the courts and legislative branch.

They will rule by fiat – with no concern for the wishes of the masses.

And they will not be challenged – because like Mr. Potter of Bedford Falls the Democrats already own everything and already run everything, from Wall Street, Big Tech, Hollywood, Big Media, Big Science and Big Education, to the Bureaucratic (Deep) State and all of the investigative and police powers adjacent to it, including those of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and the IRS. More than this, the Democratic leftists now appear to control most large “private” corporations – and the U.S. military.

So, other than the ordinary patriot, who will challenge the Democrats once ascendant?

And how – absent a miracle?

At present, the Democrats do not need to actually “declare” a coup.

Instead they will temporize, delaying any official announcement of their coup, believing the next few years will allow them to consolidate their power further and continue the training of the population to better comply with capricious and irrational edicts on the basis of “because we said so.”

But there must come a point at which the Democrats can no longer hide their malevolent plans for America – either just prior to the 2022 national elections or, if we are lucky, just prior to the 2024 elections.

Because in either circumstance the Democrats will understand the likely outcome of such elections – the most ominous for them occurring in 2024 with the loss of the White House.

Just prior to either election the Democratic president can assume Emergency Powers, cancel the pending election and proceed post haste implementing the party’s vision for America.

Is this scenario a profoundly paranoid interpretation of the fact pattern set before us? Or is it a conclusion based on reasoned analysis?

In either case, can it be logical to continue to believe the Democrats will relinquish their hold upon power in 2022 or 2024, merely because voters reject them?

Again, who or what can stop them?

Lack of will? Appeals to ethics or character? Love of country?


Patriotic Americans are left with two choices regarding 2024 (or even perhaps as early as 2022):

Accept the inevitable when they awaken to elections that have been canceled and to a new America that is not America any more – or figure out how to help the red states save the country or at least start talking about how to save the country.


Brad Lyles, M.D., DFAPA, is a retired psychiatrist and activist. His writing has appeared in Canada Free Press and professional journals.

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