How Biden could have the most money yet the lowest poll numbers

The Biden-Harris campaign claims to have the largest war chest of any Democratic candidate in history, yet an ABC News poll reported Biden’s approval rating of 31% is “the lowest on record for a U.S. president in the last 15 years.” These things seem contradictory, like the 2020 election when President Trump obtained more votes than any sitting president in history, yet Biden defeated him, acquiring more votes than any candidate in history. If Biden’s vote count were true, why wouldn’t the Democrats be beating drums shouting, “Joe obtained more votes than any president in U.S. history”? Was Joe’s vote count “a bald-faced lie“?

Prior to the 2024 election, the total number of registered voters should be determined, instead of adding the totals after the election and assuming how many voters there were, like “Fact Checkers” did in 2020.

Joe’s 2020 rallies were largely unattended, except for reporters. Some blame the attendance on “timing” and not sharing the location. So, the DNC holds rallies and doesn’t tell anyone? Others blame it on COVID-19 guidelines, but by September of 2020 the “campaign was nearly nonexistent” with Biden campaigning from his basement. Perhaps the real reason people didn’t come was that they didn’t like how Biden repeatedly insults voters.

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Regardless, with ridiculously low poll numbers, how do you account for a war chest of funds greater than any democratic candidate in history?

An article stated that three things make the most money in the world: 1) the sale of oil, 2) trade in weapons, and 3) illicit trade in narcotics, in that order. The article also said Afghanistan was “the largest CIA operation in history.” It stated the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) “set up the Taliban in 1996 as an Anglo-American client government.” In 2006 Afghanistan was responsible for “92% of the world’s supply of heroin.” It is “amply documented the CIA has played a central role in the development of the Latin American and Asian drug triangles,” collaborating “with other intelligence agencies, such as the Pakistani ISI working in Afghanistan … set[ting] up covert operations which support the drug trade.”

Did Trump’s Afghanistan pull-out plan threaten someone’s money-laundering operations? Trump’s plan was to keep the airport, and he never would have left billions in arms for the Taliban, but Biden gave up the airport and left the arms. Was this a botched operation, or a plan? Now the Taliban are arms dealers. Is this a money-funneling operation to the CIA and the DNC? A House GOP report suggests the Biden campaign, with CIA assistance, had 51 “intelligence” operatives sign a document just before the 2020 election, stating the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation, knowing it was Hunter’s since December of 2019. Regardless, their aim was to change the outcome of the 2020 election. West Virginia’s secretary of state stated, “The election was stolen, and it was stolen by the CIA.”

Were agencies and money launderers angry because of Trump’s Afghanistan policy? Was it more than the firing of James Comey that caused Chuck Schumer to warn President Trump that if “you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”?

So, if your money-laundering operation in Afghanistan has been impacted, what do you need to do? It’s simple. Start another war to set up another money-laundering operation. How about Ukraine? As early as July 2023, August 2023 and September 2023, articles were written expressing concerns that Democrats were laundering money through Ukraine. Even John Sopko, special inspector general for Afghanistan reconstruction, said, “When you spend so much money so quickly, with so little oversight, you’re going to have fraud, waste and abuse.” So, when billions in Ukrainian war money was deemed “missing,” why should anyone be surprised? Ukrainian money has been missing since 2014, when Biden was in Ukraine with the CIA overthrowing the pro-Russian government.

Hunter Biden’s name was even tied to Ukrainian bio-weapons labs. How did that happen? He probably knew as little about bioweapons as he did about Burisma oil, but the Bidens made money on both.

Then there’s all the missing Ukrainian military weapons. The Defense Department inspector general’s report “found that American defense officials … failed to … fully account for … the nearly 40,000 weapons that by law should have been closely monitored.” It reported concerns “that the flood of weapons would … lead to arms trafficking.” “High risk” arms given to Ukraine considered “delinquent” were “about $1 billion of the total $1.69 billion … that had been sent.”

“As much as 60 percent of the arms and equipment … provided as of June were ‘delinquent.'” One example of 303 pieces of equipment sent to Ukraine, found 47 at logistics in Poland, and 15 arrived in Ukraine. That means only 5% of the arms arrived, while 95% didn’t. The Biden administration recently gave Ukraine 10 scanners to scan arms reporting their location, with only two accounting inspectors working at the U.S. Embassy. They are “considering sending at least two more [people] to help.” The inspector general said, “There is still room for improvement.”

That might be an understatement, since arms shipments are ending up in the hands of criminal gangs, arms traffickers and even the enemies of Israel in the war with Hamas. A top adviser to Ukrainian President Zelensky stated, “People are stealing like there is no tomorrow.”

I always thought it was strange that when Vladimir Putin offered peace to Ukraine, it was “CIA Director William Burns [who] said that while most conflicts end in negotiation, the CIA’s assessment was that Russia was not yet serious about real talks.” So now the CIA makes the final determination concerning Ukrainian peace talks?

With illegal trafficking of U.S. arms in Afghanistan, missing war money and missing arms in Ukraine, why should it be surprising that low-polling Joe has the largest war chest of any Democrat in history? After all, he obtained the more votes than any presidential candidate in history … right?

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