How Big Tech could be emasculated in a heartbeat

Sometimes, we just make things too difficult. For instance, here in America we seem to be unable to solve the problem of Big Tech bullying directed against their customers. Nigeria, however, solved that problem in a couple of days.

Last week Twitter deleted a tweet by Muhammadu Bukari, the Nigerian nation’s president. Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s information minister, suspended Twitter access across the entire nation, indefinitely. Wow! Problem solved.

Maybe Nigeria’s information honcho needs a side job here in the USA. Here’s a real-life example (just one of so many). YouTube apparently doesn’t believe that its viewers might want to hear about a U.S. Senate committee discussing COVID, or a senator informing constituents about treatment discussed to control the most dangerous pandemic in the history of the free world. The video in question was posted by Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.

Paging Herr Goebbels, please pick up the pinko line to the Big Tech bullies … If Americans don’t have the right to see and hear what their legislative employees (government) are discussing about the world’s (supposedly) most dangerous pandemic ever, well then what the bleep is all this high-tech wizardry good for? For that matter, what the bleep is the Senate good for?

Shutting down the information flow from government to the people is clearly a violation of America’s terms and conditions of service (the Constitution) by YouTube. An appropriate suspension of YouTube’s domain name could easily be done.

YouTube’s stock would go into free fall and trading would be suspended. Does anybody think YouTube’s management team would survive that debacle? Does anybody think it would be repeated by the next management team?

Section 230 has been so bastardized by Big Tech that it is not even recognizable. Internet firms are either platforms or publishers. They were only given leave to censor child sexual material and comments inciting violence against others. Exercising editorial control over anything outside of that makes them a publisher, and the publisher is responsible for everything on their platform.

Big Tech could be controlled in a heartbeat under existing law. It could be sued into penny stock status and its wealth transferred to its injured users under interstate commerce protections if an honest judge could be found in this country who would hear the case. The fact that this hasn’t happened indicates that Big Tech is serving some interests more powerful than our government. As the Apostle Paul noted, “We see through a glass, darkly.” Soon.

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