How can Republicans play a baseball game with traitors?

How can Republicans lawmakers continue playing an annual baseball game against Democrats in the House and Senate in times like this?

It’s like a charade, a sham, a wishful dream from yesteryear.

The very fabric of our of constitutional system is threadbare at best. We are fighting for our nation’s very survival. I wonder whether the Republicans actually realize this. Our institutions of free speech, fair play, free elections, the rule of law are all under assault.

And yet the Republicans are still playing games with the most threatening institution in the country – the Democratic Party. They are worst than our mortal enemies. They are, indeed, the most serious foe that exists to America today.

I’m sorry. It just doesn’t seem like an appropriate time for fun and games – not with the Jan. 6 committee, the Big Steal, people being denied a fair and speedy trial, basic jurisprudence.

That’s where we are. The state of America has never been under greater assault.

Should we just pretend it’s a matter of simple disagreement?

Is this a time for circuses?

I love baseball. I played the game for decades – from 5 years of age until I was well into my late 40s. I organized one of the great media leagues in Los Angeles. We were colleagues. We had different points of view. We would go out to lunch. We sparred with one another. We had banquets. We had fun.

Is that what’s going on here in 2022?

No, it’s not.

There’s a time for fun and games, but today is not such a time.

Supreme Court justices’ lives are threatened today. The opposition party locks Republicans up with leg irons and throws away the key. We have one, or at best, two more elections to prove this is a worthy country with safeguards for real freedom.

Do Republicans get it?

If so, why the fun and games?

More people died from suicide in the jails holding suspects of the Jan. 6 so-called “insurrection” than in the disturbance in the Capitol. And nobody cares about it. No one even knows about it – certainly not among the baseball players from the Republican side of the recent game.

And Republicans are supposed to have a “mandate” for the next two elections in a climate that allows no freedom of expression. Big Tech reigns bigger than the Constitution when we really need it.

I’m not impressed with the Republicans’ 10-0 win in a meaningless game. I’d be more impressed if they never played ball with most with this crop of Democrats, this shameless bunch of anti-Americans, this batch of malcontents, malefactors and degenerates.

What am I getting at?

The Democrats are subversives, seditious, treasonous and, I believe, communists.

Should we play ball with them?

God help us! It’s like playing ball with the devil.

The Democrats were not always like this. I’m not suggesting we should never have played ball with them. It never even occurred to me before Bernie Sanders fan James T. Hodgkinson who tried to kill Rep. Steve Scalise and four other Republicans at a baseball practice in 2017. That was a turning point for me.

We’re talking about barbarians now – gangsters, troglodytes, diabolical, fiendish, sinister, wicked fools, assassins.

They are under the spell of demons – every one the them including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and AOC. Not one exception.

Would you play with them? Would you consort with them? Would you have fun with them? Could you have fun with them?

I’m talking about the worst dregs of humanity – people who hate the things that made America great!

They are willful, sinful people.

It’s time to separate ourselves from them, shun them, defeat them, while we still have a little time. No more nice guy.

And that goes for their support system, Big Tech, the fake news, the politically woke corporations, etc.

What’s our future if we don’t?

There is no future in which we can reclaim America if we don’t get serious and intentional about this.

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