How did they 'steal' the election?

Rand Paul took George Stephanopoulos to school Sunday on whether or not the election was “stolen” – although the senator never used the “S” word and he voted to certify the votes from the states.

Stephanopoulos probably wishes he never tangled with Sen. Paul, as you will witness in the video.

I couldn’t do any better than Paul, but I would like to use this column to underscore some of the facts surrounding the election that was “stolen” from President Donald J. Trump.

  1. Most Republicans and some Democrats know that Trump was on the way to a mandate-style victory with a likely tally of more than 400 in the Electoral College. Just remember where you were election night, when the vote was going all one direction … and then it stalled. As Trump explains it, he was getting calls for most of the night congratulating him. And then they stopped counting votes – in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia and Nevada. In Georgia, they blamed an outage at a water main – but that turned out to be a lie. By the next day, it was no mystery what had happened. As the Dr. Peter K. Navarro concludes in his election report, it was as simple as flooding the polls with just enough mail-in ballots to overcome Trump’s lead with a combination of fraudulent votes stolen from the president. We wait only for the Navarro Report to be looked at, considered soberly and honestly – and history will tell the story.
  2. Once again, we fell for it in the Georgia runoff Jan. 5, because the Republican Party there was too stupid to prevent the same thing happening all over again.
  3. We would never be allowed to see the massive election fraud in America because of “fake news” and its bosses in Big Tech. They both went out of their way to cover up what happened because they were so grateful that it had worked to perfection. Think of how the Hunter Biden laptop story was effectively killed by Big Tech. Democrats denied the story. They claimed it was based on a hack. That was a lie. But a poll later suggested that 30% of Democrats would have voted against Joe Biden if they had read the story in time.
  4. Now here’s something others have not considered: The role played by Chinese Communists. You say there’s no evidence? It was their pandemic, launched upon the world, knowingly – a world quite unprepared for such an eventuality. Would that not be, shall we say, newsworthy? It would also be logical. Now, how much fake news was fed to us regarding the utter fantasies about supposed “Russian Collusion”? It was used pretty much as a four-year media crusade against Trump. I don’t know if the pandemic was a planned operation entirely. But it was used by the Chinese to do something evil. For instance, they sent thousands of people contaminated with the virus to the U.S. and elsewhere, but prevented infected people from traveling within China.

The manipulation of the presidential election was good for the Democrats, the fake news, Big Tech and the Chinese. They all got what they wanted from the “Steal.” They’re all banking heavily that it works. They all have a lot at stake. There’s just one thing that could upset their apple cart – just one man.

Donald J. Trump.

How will he do it?

I’m not sure.

But payback will be sweet.

Oh, how I can taste it now.

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