How effective is our surveillance-censorship state? 100%!

  • The border is “closed.” It’s not open, we have been told officially, over and over again, by the Biden administration. It’s a lie – a big lie. They have told this lie time and again since they took office by fraud. The very future of our country, our lives, is being fundamentally and radically changed because the claim has not been officially refuted in the mainstream press.
  • Joe Biden has repeatedly said, on the record, that he and Hunter Biden never talked about his foreign business while he served as vice president. It was all “Russian disinformation,” he insisted.
  • Twitter’s “Trust and Safety” team expanded to include some 80 FBI agents that helped police and conceal the claims about the Biden family – until the Elon Musk recently bought Twitter.
  • One presidential election was tampered with during the 2020 cycle, and the midterm was affected in 2022. That’s two election cycles in four years during which the nation heard mostly lies.

How effective was our surveillance and censorship state during this critical time – when one president was cheated his rightful office and other Senate and House races were affected? They were 100% effective.

Our nation, the only one with a guaranteed, constitutionally protected right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, was subverted and betrayed.

And this is only a small sample of what our nation has been through – how it has changed in the last two years. We have been struck by a thunderbolt. The ramifications are enormous. It’s cataclysmic. There is no turning back. There is not yet an obvious way forward.

The worst thing about this is that those responsible for this “coup” demonstrate utter contempt for the citizenry. They show no self-awareness of what they have done. They have committed a terrible crime against the people of the country, the founders and even their God.

The FBI and other intelligence agencies are not even admitting what they have done – namely, spying on the people, depriving them of the most basic rights, denying them their most coveted First Amendment rights by conspiring with the Big Tech Cabal.

It’s a deep stain on the country – and it’s been going on far too long. It’s not just an indictment of the Deep State, it’s an indictment of the Democratic Party. Many Democrats don’t see the heinous crimes they are committing. Where does our nation turn in such an event?

And this is only the start.

Our nation is no longer recognizable.

Just look at Big Pharma and how it has been used to control the flow of information people need to protect their very lives and well-being.

Think of how may medical procedures for “transitioning” from one sex to another are done and how those pushing this claim those impacted have no regrets. That’s what many people insist today. It’s crazy. They deny reality.

This is how our world is changing before our eyes – and it’s one way our world is going insane.

We can’t even discuss things in a once open society.

Are we better off today as a result?

Here’s my experience with the censorship state.

Last year, my news agency, WND, was demonetized, permanently, by Google because of the tech giant’s insistence that we held “dangerous” notions. That’s how Google labeled them. No more Google-administered ad money for WND as a result. WND previously was the first news site established as a totally independent conservative and Christian one – a formerly very healthy one, one of the largest and most popular media enterprises in the world. Since the Google attack, we have survived, now in our 26th year, only by soliciting donations.

In addition, Google first launched it war against us by cutting down our traffic. They were joined by a cabal of tech giants beginning in 2016 – a notable election year that witnessed a victory by President Donald Trump. Our revenues were depleted year after year through 2022.

Are we better off through this kind of censorship and surveillance state? Google seems to think so.

How do we survive? Is holding hearings enough?

Will we ever hold a free election in America again?

Did we learn anything from the first pandemic? How about the next?

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