How homosexuals hijacked the Holocaust

Note: This is the third column in a series on The Battle for Measure 9, the “No Special Rights Act,” put before Oregon voters in 1992. See previous columns.

“You must not lie with a man as with a woman; that is an abomination … you must not commit any of these abominations – neither your native-born nor the foreigner who lives among you … anyone who commits any of these abominations must be cut off from among his people.” [Leviticus 18:22-29 of the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible]

The dominant campaign theme of our “No on 9” opponents was that the Oregon Citizens Alliance and me personally were “like the Nazis” for opposing LGBT civil rights status based on “sexual orientation.” It was this deeply offensive and utterly false propaganda campaign that initially led me to team up with Orthodox Jewish Holocaust researcher Kevin Abrams to write “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi Party” and to develop strong relationships with numerous pro-family conservative Jews around the nation. But in the process, I uncovered a conspiracy among the LGBTs to basically steal the Jewish Holocaust for themselves for political leverage.

Contrary to today’s rising chorus of fringe historical revisionists of the anti-Zionist movement, the Holocaust was an actual plan and policy of Nazi Germany, totally consistent with the philosophy and practice of the eugenicist elites of the early 20th century. Adolf Hitler, John D. Rockefeller, John Harvey Kellogg, Margaret Sanger and Josef Mengele were the Klaus Schwabs, Justin Trudeaus, Gavin Newsoms, Jacinda Arderns and Anthony Faucis of their generation: protean transhumanist sociopaths for whom humanity was mere cattle whose utility could and should be improved by scientific experimentation and selective breeding/culling.

Addressing the future of eugenic advancement in “Mein Kampf” (1924), Hitler praised the United States as the “one state in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.” He would devote his life to overcoming that shortcoming.

Eugenics was the heart of Hitlerian ideology and the source for such diverse Nazi policies as the Master Race theory, the Lebensborn Aryan human breeding farms, the bizarre “science” of phrenology (skull measurements), Dr. Mengele’s lab experiments on concentration camp prisoners and, of course, hatred of the “inferior races,” especially the Jews, whom occult queen Helena Blavatski condemned in her book “The Secret Doctrine” as the holdovers of the primitive “root race” that proceeded modernity’s superior Aryan “root race” in her theory of the cyclical evolution of humankind.

Crazy Blavatsky’s “Theosophical Society” was represented in Germany by Guido von List and Jorge Lanz von Liebenfels who together formed the Armanen Order that played a huge role both in Hitler’s personal life and in the creation of the Nazi Party. They were the first to use the swastika in Germany more than a decade before the Nazi Party was formed, and Lanz von Liebenfels was rightly called “The Man Who Gave Hitler His Ideas” in a 1958 book by Wilfried Daim. Hitler was an avid reader and collector of Liebenfels magazine Ostara, which blended occultism and eugenics. I have fully documented this history in Chapter 2 of “The Pink Swastika.”

(I can personally attest that the Theosophical Society still operates around the world, having stumbled onto one of its lodges when I lived in heavily occult-influenced Portland, Oregon. And a revived version of the Armanen Order also exists in Germany.)

So, yes, the Holocaust was a real historical event, and the malign ideology that spawned it is alive and well today. Attempts by nut-jobs to rehabilitate uber-eugenicist Hitler as a wrongly “canceled” and misunderstood hero of nationalism are as traitorous to humanity as they are stupid.

However, my focus in this article is the Holocaust as a symbol of victimization of the Jews specifically, and how the LGBT movement has, to a limited extent, hijacked it to serve their own political agenda.

Kevin Abrams and I wrote “The Pink Swastika” in large part to debunk the myth of a “Gay Holocaust” in Nazi Germany equivalent to what the Jews suffered. We proved their claims were wildly exaggerated and that their adoption of the inverted pink triangle (used by the Nazis to identify the relatively small number of homosexual in labor camps – not the death camps) was a cynical political ploy to hijack the Holocaust, just as they had hijacked the rainbow flag and control of the black civil rights movement from the Black Panthers and Jesse Jackson’s “Rainbow Coalition.”

In addition to our book, we created the International Committee for Holocaust Truth in 1996, whose most prominent members were the late Drs. Judith Reisman and Howard Hurwitz, and Rabbi Yehuda Levin. We then published a report for the ICHT titled “Refuting ‘Gay Holocaust’ Revisionists,” which I reworked for my article “How American ‘Gays’ are Stealing the Holocaust,” which was published as Part 3 of my book “The Poisoned Stream” (1997).

Working with a national network of Orthodox rabbis, we used those tools to thwart the “Gay Holocaust” plot and forced the LGBTs to drop the pink triangle strategy. In response, they shifted to the rainbow as their banner, and they down-scaled and moved their Holocaust hijack efforts out of the public view.

In 1997, during my summer law program studying International Human Rights at the University of Strasbourg (France), I took a weekend trip to nearby Munich, Germany, to visit the Dachau concentration camp in my research for the third edition of “The Pink Swastika.” There I was disappointed to find (even then) the pink triangle prominently represented in the form of a stone monument, establishing a propaganda beachhead that (I now know) was later expanded to a high-visibility “Gay Holocaust” memorial in downtown Munich itself, psychologically emphasizing the special importance of the “gays” relative to the Jews as a victim class.

Ironically, the new Munich memorial (which I only just learned about) commemorates the site of a “gay bar” that was the prime meeting place of Ernst Roehm’s butch-homosexual SA Brownshirts, whose role as chief Nazi perpetrators overwhelmingly dwarfs the significance of the relatively few homosexual victims they persecuted (for effeminacy and/or Communist affiliation).

I had not given much thought to the “Gay Holocaust” hoax since the late ’90s until a recent walk along the waterfront in New Orleans brought me face to face with its high-visibility Holocaust memorial, prominently featuring the LGBT rainbow. That brought all the memories of the Measure 9 campaign – and the Brownshirt-style bullying of the “gay” fascists we suffered – flooding back, along with a resolve to speak out anew against their continuing historical revisionism.

Note to the reader: I have decided to update and republish my 1997 ICHT report in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Measure 9 vote in November. This article is in part an invitation to my readers to offer research assistance on this theme in the form of photos, links, anecdotes and other documentation (by email directly to me here). You may read the original report to get up to speed on the topic before you visit your own local Holocaust memorial to assess and document the extent to which it has been hijacked by the LGBTs. Also check the donor lists for evidence that LGBT mega-donors have essentially purchased Holocaust “victimhood rights” from the Jewish hard-leftists (some who are themselves homosexual) who typically run these facilities in gross violation of their own religious mandate.

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