HR1 plan to federalize fraud-prone elections would trigger flood of lawsuits

A new report on the Democrats’ plan to take over election management nationwide, HR1, says it would be hard to implement and undoubtedly would trigger a flood of lawsuits.

The report from the Honest Elections Project stated that if the bill “is adopted, voters across the nation—and in states across the political spectrum—would see their election systems upended.”

“In their place would come strict mandates from Washington, novel voting systems, impossible deadlines, and the threat of costly lawsuits if and when states fail to implement them.”

Fox News reported the analysis warn of “severe consequences” that would follow if Democrats get their way and the proposal becomes law.

The bill been approved by the House but is dead in Senate unless Democrats use their one-vote majority (the vice president’s) to abolish the filibuster.

The filibuster requires 60 votes rather than a simple majority of 51 for legislation to move to a final vote, giving the minority considerable power.

Democrats, while in the minority recently, proclaimed their love of the filibuster. Now, in the majority, they are aggressively strategizing to kill it.

The Honest Elections Project, which previously warned of flaws in state voting procedures, charged that the bill in its current form would overwhelm state governments.

It would result in “confusion, chaos, fraud, and litigation.”

Many states would have to create new no-excuses absentee voting procedures.

Even more would need to create automatic voter registration, and nearly 30 would have to add same-day voter registration.

Fox News reported: “The Honest Elections Project’s report cited problems that states have had with individual new systems in 2020. For example, it pointed to how Iowa’s use of a smartphone app during the Democratic caucus led to delays in reporting the results and the first use of same-day registration in Michigan led to long lines as officials struggled with the workload.”

State officials already have expressed concern that they would not have time to comply with the far-reaching demands of the bill.

One state official explained in the report: “Our state wouldn’t have a certified system because if you don’t meet the standards and have your systems tested, they’re decertified. That’s a huge problem nationally.”

Democrats have billed their plan as an effort to combat “voter suppression,” but it would blow up virtually every state election integrity law.

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