Hunter Biden: The fix is in!

So, who was picked to sort out the delicate Hunter Biden criminal case that sit before the United States Department of Justice?

You know, the one we were told by Joe Biden that he didn’t know anything about, except that it was clearly a case of Russian disinformation.

First, Chris Clark from the law firm Nathan & Watkins was hired as defense attorney for Hunter Biden. Then, the day Joe Biden was sworn in as president, he hired Nicholas McQuaid, also from Nathan & Watkins, as leader of the DOJ “criminal division.”

So what about it?

These two guys were colleagues – but not just at the same firm. They worked together on the same cases – including the Hunter Biden case.

Could this have been any more convenient? Could this have been a better set-up to make sure that the fix was in? Is this not just what you would expect from the shameless Joe Biden administration?

The Hunter Biden case was something extraordinary in the annals of our nation’s history. Even before the laptop was discovered containing Hunter’s notes and emails with Chinese Communist “partners” discussing the role of his father, the former vice president and the current president of the United States, as well as other family members, this was going to be a very sensitive subject. How would the president handle it?

The expectation was that he would handle it carefully – very carefully.

From the start, however, Joe and Hunter have handled this like bulls in a China shop, like they were invulnerable to ordinary rules, as if they never had a worry. Perhaps that’s the case. Perhaps they never had a doubt about the outcome – like they never had a doubt about the election’s outcome.

That’s what this is beginning to smell like.

They were never worried about appropriate procedures. They were never concerned about the scent of scandal. They were never worried about the most flagrant of conflicts of interest!

This was, instead, another in a long line of inappropriate, illegal and questionable actions by sonny-boy that had to be dealt with so the illusion could be maintained that this wasn’t what has been called the “Biden crime family.”

Normally, in a situation like this, one of an apparent conflict of interest of epic proportions, you would expect the president to be very cautious. But we can look elsewhere for that. Don’t look for a recusal of either or both of the appointed attorneys.

Instead we’re getting a new book by Hunter, published by Simon and Schuster – “Beautiful Things.” This is the same publisher that recently killed a book by Sen. Josh Hawley, Republican of Missouri. Once again, the fix is in.

For at least seven years, including when Joe Biden was serving as vice president, Hunter pursued a lucrative deal running an investment firm founded through a Chinese partnership. Joe Biden claims he never spoke with Hunter about his dealings, and never profited from any group his family set up – but emails and text messages found on Hunter Biden’s old laptop show “the big guy” being referenced repeatedly.

This is after years of similar intrigue in Ukraine and elsewhere.

Vice presidents are not supposed to sanction deals like that. They are not supposed to make it easy for their sons to do it either. And they most assuredly are not supposed to be cut in on shady deals, as was “the big guy.”

Imagine if roles were reversed, if instead of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden it was Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Can you imagine the mainstream press and their masters in Big Tech covering up the way they have with the Bidens? Can you imagine them giving the Trumps a free pass? Not a chance.

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