Hunter Biden's deal-planning spanned the globe, report charges

Hunter Biden (ABC News video screenshot)

Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and China have been well-reported. Ukraine was where he landed a deal paying him tens of thousands of dollars a month just to sit on the board of a gas company under investigation for corruption. China was where he was working to set up a variety of operations, according to documents that have been revealed about his deals.

But he also had his fingers in pies in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ivory Coast, Oman, West Indies, Qatar, Taiwan, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Greece, Romania and Mexico, a new investigation by Daily Wire has revealed.

His dealings remain newsworthy because of what was uncovered after the 2020 presidential election, narrowly won by his father, Joe Biden.

A post-election survey found more than one-third of voters who chose Joe Biden were not aware of the evidence linking the former vice president to corrupt financial dealings with China through his son Hunter. Had they known, according to the survey commissioned by the Media Research Center, President Trump would have won at least 289 Electoral College votes.

The Daily Wire said it reviewed emails about Hunter Biden’s business dealings that involved dozens of foreign countries, “often corrupt backwaters,” where he often invoked “official channels like ambassadors.”

Hunter Biden’s operations already have proven scandalous for his father, who, while vice president for Barack Obama, openly boasted of threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid if Ukraine’s president did not fire the country’s top prosecutor, Victor Shokin, who at the time was investigating Burisma, the company employing Hunter Biden, for corruption.

A French website reported Shokin later filed a criminal complaint naming Joe Biden and accusing him of committing a “criminal offense” in his campaign to get Shokin fired.

The Daily Wire report explained it was through Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca company that he reached around the globe.

For instance, Joe Biden’s brother Jim wrote to Hunter about the chance for profit by being a middleman in an “oil deal” with Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico.

Jim Biden had written, “Have a very real deal with Pemex (Carlos slim) need financing literally for a few days to a week. Have the seller (refinery /slims) and buyer major being delivered from pipeline in ( h/ USA) Nothing is simple but this comes very close. As always the devil is in the detail! Any interest on the long skirts part?… Hang in there hunt !! You can and will hold it together. I’m very proud of you and have the greatest respect, you are a great, sweet and incredibly strong man. I know you pal!!!”

The connections go further, too, with the emails revealing Hunter Biden told Mexican billionaire Miguel Aleman Magnani that he had set up a meeting between “Carlos” and Magnani’s father.

The report detailed that Hunter allowed the Biden name to be used in a bid to buy a Greek railroad. The Daily Wire said David C. Wittig, a Wall Street banker, told Hunter, “a call from the ambassador in Athens will go along (sic) way in getting us this deal. Give this some thought.”

After being asked about having his name used, Hunter Biden said, “I have no objection and I am in fact comfortable with you using my name in connection with this project. Obviously we have many details to iron out before we finalize any proposal, but I am very interested participating in the project.”

The Daily Wire said Hunter had been informed of “potential gold mine opportunities in Zimbabwe” and Hunter asked for a telephone call, and forwarded the details to his uncle, Jim.

“One email appeared to mention Taiwan, the subject of a long-running dispute with China, to an associate while he was in China. Jim Bulger, a business partner of Hunter’s, appeared to assume the Chinese Communist Party might intercept the traffic,” the Daily Wire revealed.

“We cannot mention Taiwan in emails to Michael he is in Beijing for Gods sake… Please get him to not discuss our business with any Taiwanese person at all,” Bulger wrote.

Hunter also once got a message that the Qatari ambassador “called to speak with you,” and later was told by a partner of a plan to link the Arab country with U.S. labor unions.

Then a onetime Teamsters lobbyist told Hunter that the Saudis “are going to invest $400 BILLION in nuclear and clean energy.”

“Granted its (sic) going to be done in their country but there will be a lot of opportunity for American Companies. Should talk about this,” he wrote.

Several discussions included Joe Biden. For example, regarding a deal in the West Indies, Sean Conlon told Hunter, “We need to get these guys to an event or something where they get to just formally meet your Dad . For follow on they can talk to Chief of Staff . Let me know how soon we can do that. V brief. If Nagi gets that done we get more bonds to move. Regards your hard working partner in Positano! Sean.”

Hunter’s angry response was: ““WTF is he talking about. Mtg with JRB chief of staff???? Tell him I’ll do the mtg.”

A recently also took a look at Hunter Biden’s emails and emphasized “flirty messages” from Hunter Biden’s Chinese-American secretary that were discovered on the laptop of the president’s son.

And it certainly appears that the 29-year-old woman may be a “honey pot” of the kind planted by the Chinese Communist Party to draw in Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif.

But legal scholar Jonathan Turley, who weighs in regularly on the daily news on his website, said that of greater interest to him is the mention in the newly reported messages of mass transfers of money to Hunter Biden and his uncle, Jim Biden.

In addition, Turley spotlighted the role of Patrick Ho, secretary general of Chinese oil giant CEFC, who was later indicted and has been connected with Chinese intelligence.

A former Hunter Biden business partner in the CEFC deal, Tony Bobulinski, has claimed he met twice with Joe Biden to discuss the firm, which has ties to the Communist Party, and “what I was doing with his family’s name.” Bobulinski said it was clear that the former vice president was in charge of the family business enterprise trading off his status.

Turley noted that the young Chinese assistant supplied to Hunter, JiaQi Bao, made revealing statements about the fluid expense accounts and level of support given Hunter by the Chinese.

Chinese intelligence may have planted the woman to create a sexual relationship that could be used to influence Hunter and ultimately his father, Turley said, much like the scandal involving Rep. Eric Swalwell’s intimate relationship with an alleged Chinese spy.

It’s not clear that Biden had an intimate relationship with Bao, but her messages discuss Chinese accounts that appeared to have cash available to Biden to use at his discretion.

One section of a message to Hunter Biden, titled “Keep As Much Money As You Can,” urges him to drain cash accounts, including from a joint corporate vehicle with CEFC called Hudson West.

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