Hunter's baby mama denies predicting he'd be indicted

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

In just the past few days, CNN discovered the stunning breaking news that Hunter Biden was involved in taking huge monthly payments from a Ukrainian company that was under investigation while Joe Biden, then vice president, was watching U.S. policy on Ukraine.

That, CNN said in a “Just in” announcement, “raised questions of a conflict.”

Hunter Biden’s huge payments from Burisma, and his father’s boast that he got the prosecutor looking into that company’s alleged corruption while it was paying his son tens of thousands of dollars a month, are just one of a multitude of scandals for the Biden family enterprises.

Many in the media have been reporting on this issues for months, even years, but now CNN has suddenly become aware. And the Washington Post just this week did a deep dive into huge payments – millions of dollars – from Chinese interests to the Biden family. And just before that was the New York Times’ startling revelation that it, too, now believes those claims revealed on a laptop Hunter Biden abandoned at a repair shop.

Now another scandal is developing. There are reports that Hunter Biden, known to be under investigation over his foreign business operations and his taxes, could be indicted.

But that didn’t come from Lunden Roberts, the former stripper with whom Hunter Biden shares a little girl.

The Gateway Pundit reported Roberts spoke to the New York Post about the investigation into Hunter Biden.

She, to the newspaper, disavowed saying Hunter Biden would be indicted.

“I never said that I thought Hunter would be indicted — my attorney did,” she said. “His comment to media was without my authorization I might add.

“I have never opined on Hunter’s financial affairs to anyone and do not anticipate doing so.”

Hunter Biden had confirmed in late 2020 he was under investigation, issuing a statement that, “I learned yesterday for the first time that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware advised my legal counsel, also yesterday, that they are investigating my tax affairs.”

He said he was confident he handled his affairs “legally and appropriately.”

The Gateway Pundit explained, “Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriend Zoe Kestan and Lunden Roberts, the former stripper who had a baby with him, testified to a federal grand jury about Hunter’s spending habits. Clint Lancaster, Lunden Roberts’ lawyer, handed over ‘a significant amount of Hunter’s financial records’ to the feds under subpoena.”

Lancaster said his expectation was there would be an indictment.

The Post’s report said it was the first time Roberts had spoken about Hunter Biden and their 3-year-old daughter since she filed a 2019 paternity suit that he settled following a DNA test.

Lancaster had confirmed a report that Roberts testified before a grand jury in Wilmington, Del., on Feb. 15.

It’s possible that Joe Biden could be swept up, as some reports have cited confirmation from Hunter Biden’s business associates that the “Big Guy,” identified as Joe Biden, was getting a percentage of some of Hunter Biden’s deals.

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