Hunter's business pal condemns 'vitriolic media coverage'

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

A former business pal of  Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, whose propensity for providing the president with scandal after scandal is well-documented, is condemning the Biden family without naming them for subjecting him to “vitriolic media coverage.”

It is Devon Archer who, in a court document before his looming sentencing for fraud, is arguing he should be spared prison time because “he was the victim of his business partners, like fellow convict Jason Galanis, and ‘vitriolic media coverage'” based on his links to the Bidens, according to a report in Just the News.

He was convicted in 2018, WND has reported, for a scheme that involved an attempt to defraud the Oglala Sioux Indian tribe regarding the sale of $60 million in bonds.

He has argued it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which let the conviction for securities fraud against Archer stand. One federal judge had set aside the conviction, but an appeals court then reinstated it.

Now, Just the News reports on Archer’s “unorthodox bid” to avoid jail, citing the fact that he’s avoided sentencing for nearly four years while obtaining permission from the courts to make 40 globe-trotting business and pleasure trips.

His court filing, the report explains, complains, “No matter how this case ultimately turns out, Mr. Archer has already suffered a great deal. He has lived with the crushing burden that his involvement, albeit unknowing, in Jason Galanis’s fraud caused harm to so many people — not only the direct victims of the crime, but also for example the numerous Burnham employees who lost their jobs as a result.”

It doesn’t actually name the Bidens, but calls out “people of prominence” involved in “presidential politics.”

The lawyers explain Archer has “lived with the impact on his family, including his three young children who have been traumatized by their father’s prosecution and conviction, which have become matters of national headlines and presidential politics by virtue of Mr. Archer’s association with people of prominence. And, relatedly, Mr. Archer has watched the reputation and career he built over decades fall apart around him as he has faced a near constant onslaught of vitriolic media attention.”

The report additionally said, “Archer also embraced as character witnesses one of the Chinese banking business partners that helped form the BHR Partners investment fund in China with Archer and Hunter Biden in 2013 that became a central character in the Biden family political scandal.”

That would be Jonathan Li, the head of Bohai Industrial Investment Fund, who met with Hunter Biden in China when the then-vice president’s son traveled with Joe Biden aboard Air Force Two on a trip in 2013. Li said in a statement he vouched for Archer as a “friend and business partner.”

“Hunter Biden flew to China on his father’s Air Force II government jet and admitted he arranged the meeting between Li and his father. Shortly thereafter, the BHR Investment Fund got Chinese approval and Hunter Biden was placed on the board, eventually earning a 10% stake, according to information made public during a 2020 Senate investigation,” Just the News said.

That event became just one of the many scandals involving the Biden family and moneyed foreign interest. Hunter Biden’s reportedly stood to make deals regarding Ukraine and Kazakhstan as well. He apparently also took in a massive payment from a Russia official’s wife at one point.

Archer also was involved in Hunter Biden’s role as a board member for Ukraine’s gas company Burisma – at a time when Joe Biden was handling Ukraine policy for Barack Obama. U.S. State Department officials have confirmed Hunter Biden’s presence on that board created the appearance of a conflict of interest that undercut America’s anti-corruption agenda there at the time.

In fact, evidence documents how Joe Biden was a voluntary participant in some of Hunter Biden’s arrangements.

Hunter Biden was being paid tens of thousands of dollars a month to be on the board of Burisma – even though he had no experience in the industry. But what he did have was a father who was vice president.

Joe Biden then met with Ukrainian officials when Burisma was under investigation for corruption, and he returned home to brag about how he threatened the nation with withholding $1 billion in American aid if they didn’t get rid of the prosecutor.

A French website reported the prosecutor, Victor Shokin, later filed a criminal complaint naming Joe Biden and accusing him of committing a “criminal offense” in his campaign to get Shokin fired.

Archer actually joined the board of Burisma at the same time as Hunter Biden.

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