I guess we know who cheated now

Have you ever wondered about the kind of conspiracy it would take to cheat on a national election on what has been, heretofore, the greatest nation the world has ever seen?

It’s emerging. It’s becoming more and more clear. The suspect list is growing.

The Justice Department is getting involved – choosing sides in the dispute between the Democrats and Republicans, once again.

Does that surprise anyone? Think of how quickly Attorney General William Barr ran from the scene of the crime. Think of how nearly everyone at the Justice Department opposed Donald Trump – from James Comey to Andrew McCabe to Rod Rosenstein to Christopher Wray to Peter Strzok.

It was a cabal – and it has only gotten worse under the Joe Biden coup.

In case you missed it, the Arizona Legislature has been trying the get the bottom of what happened. They suspected something went very wrong there. People have jumped through hoops to make the biggest audit in American history possible – 2.1 million votes cast in Maricopa County.

The Justice Department on Wednesday issued a formal warning to the state of Arizona by claiming that the ongoing audit of the 2020 election results may run contrary to 1960s Civil Rights Act. The warning also indicated other potential violations, saying there could be “at least issues of potential non-compliance with federal laws enforced by the Department.”

In a letter sent by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Pamela Karlan to Republican Karen Fann, president of the Arizona State Senate, she went on to say that DOJ considered the fact that the election materials are now in the custody of a third party (Florida company Cyber Ninja). Due to this, the materials are “no longer under the ultimate control of state and local election officials and are not being adequately safeguarded by contractors at an insecure facility, and are at risk of being lost, stolen, altered, compromised or destroyed.”

Karlan continued, “We have a concern that Maricopa County election records, which are required by federal law to be retained and preserved, are no longer under the ultimate control of elections officials, are not being adequately safeguarded by contractors, and are at risk of damage or loss.”

It seems the Justice Department wants to be sure no one uncovers proof of shenanigans in the election of 2020. Why?

Because Cyber Ninja may engage in rooting it out by personally canvassing voters – looking for actual fraud. For instance, the suspicion is that illegal votes were cast by voters registered to certain addresses. The Justice Department does not want Cyber Ninja to ask them about the addresses, because this supposedly would be construed as “voter intimidation.”

The Justice Department did not want to conduct the investigation – and they sure don’t want anyone else conducting one.


Who else opposes the audit?

How about every Democrat you can think of.

What do they have in common? They all know that the fraud will be uncovered and ultimately send Joe Biden packin’.

That’s not the case in the short term. The hand count will not change the results because officials in the states have already certified them. Sen. Fann insisted that the audit is meant to restore trust in the system and influence changes to the law.

But President Donald Trump has celebrated the audit, insisting it will show Arizona was a “scam election” state. And this is what bugs the Democrats. He’ll likely be running for the president in 2024, and if cheating occurred, it won’t be Republicans to blame.

Democrats filed one suit after another to stop the audit. They lost. Then the Justice Department stepped in to throw its weight around. Now, Maricopa County officials claim they cannot give the audit team access to county router information that was subpoenaed by the state Senate.

Meanwhile the media are apoplectic. The Tech Tyrants are worse. But what is one to do if you feel you have been scammed, bamboozled, swindled?

What are they afraid of? Do they think Americans will have second thoughts about Biden?

Or do they put stock in the Democratic theory calling the audit “a dangerous fishing expedition” that could “feed conspiracy theories”?

For most voters, there’s no way we’ll ever trust another election again without a proper investigation. The Arizona audit is a starting point.

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