I refuse to poison myself with an experimental drug

It would be impossible for me to be any clearer regarding my personal and family position regarding the hyper-aggressive tactics being employed to force legal U.S. citizens to be injected with an experimental drug. My position has been and remains that there is no scenario, zip-nada-none, that will force me to permit the infecting of myself or family member with same. None!

I concede that there’s a flu of quasi-questionable origins that has been responsible for certain deaths in the United States. However, I will not concede that the flu alone is killing people.

More than a dozen of my personal friends and acquaintances have had this flu and recovered just fine. Some have shared it was very unpleasant, while others said it was little more than a mild cold. It’s important to note that only two of them got the experimental drug.

That said, in addition to those who have fully recovered without incident, I have had two acquaintances die from this flu. However, one was in his mid-70s and the other early 80s; both had multiple and significant co-morbidities.

I don’t question that there’s a flu that can cause serious complications for those predisposed to same due to other factors.

My resistance is due to the falsity involved in this faux pandemic. If this were the monstrously deadly, death-resulting juggernaut it is being made out to be, there would be no need to make up numbers. There would be no need to encourage and reward Hitlerian practices of spying on neighbors and secret tip-lines where people can call and report those they determine to be violating whatever edicts were set in place.

My refusal to be infected with an experimental drug is in great part because the government, i.e., politicians and their harlots of agitprop, have created a zeitgeist of fear, panic and borderline insanity over a flu.

I’m fully aware that I can get sick by catching a cold and/or this flu. But, I’m also aware of the horrible life-changing side affects of the experimental drug, some of which are permanent, not the least of which is death.

Friday of last week our prayer group ministry received what has become far to routine. The person from the church that contacted me said: “We have a young mother with several young children. … After her second vaccination shot she developed the heart infection/inflammation reaction that so many young people are experiencing. She is in ICU. Amazingly they are admitting that her condition was due to the jab.” You should note that this young wife and mother has no co-morbidities.

In mid-March, I received the following: “My grandmother passed away this year due to a bad fall and an unstoppable brain bleed. While in the hospital they tested her for COVID-19 twice. First came back negative, second came back positive with zero symptoms of any illness. So she got stuck in a COVID-19 ICU where they thought we would let her die. Wrong, we brought her home on hospice. Our whole family was there rotating shifts, and she finally passed away peacefully. We got the death certificate back. It labeled her a COVID-19 death even though she had a highly swollen brain and a stroke. …”

There’s the now infamous Florida motorcyclist killed in a crash, who was listed as dying from COVID-19. The massively untrustworthy liberal fact-checking site Snopes, unable to deny the fraudulent causal death factors, launched into a full-out barrage of attacking President Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis.

What is being gained? What is the quid pro quo for backstabbing Republicans like Mitch McConnell who threatened to shut down the country again if people didn’t immediately get the experimental drug? Companies headed by progressives are mandating employees have themselves infected with the experimental drug or lose their jobs.

This is America, not Josef Goebbels’ Germany. How did we go from a two-week shut down to flatten the curve to this? The level of schizophrenic demonicism cannot be overstated. What is ignored in this menticide is the USNS Comfort; the hospital ship President Trump sent to New York went 90% unused. Ignored is that the Democratic lapdogs engaged in fearmongering night and day with the exaggerated need for field hospitals across the nation; yetat a cost of $660 million they went unused. A $21 million field hospital in New York closed after seeing 79 patients.

They claim there’s insufficient data to know if ivermectin should be considered a treatment for this flu. But the wholly untested and unproven, debilitating and death-inducing experimental drug is being pushed. Hydroxychloroquine has been safely and successfully used decades with virtually no side effects – but it’s rejected for this flu?

Why isn’t this administration going after illegal aliens who are known carriers of prolific diseases long ago successfully eradicated in America that are now being reintroduced in some instances at factually epidemic levels? Why isn’t the media breathlessly blathering about this factoid?

I am familiar with the Tuskegee experiments where blacks were secretly experimented upon with syphilis. The so-called study, which was to last three years, went on for 30. What about the LSD experiments on prison inmates? Visit VFW posts and ask how many Vietnam veterans are suffering from unknown diseases contracted from tests performed on them. What about Maafa 21, which exposed the secret sterilizations of black women in the South?

What about Carol Van Strum who is fighting to stop the spraying of deadly toxins by the Oregon timber industry? I might add that there are suspicions the people and water supply was sprayed with Agent Orange. What about the DuPont Industry poisoning unsuspecting people vis-a-vis Teflon?

If this were truly the deadly instrument of destruction it is claimed, why would government be opposed to proven treatment protocols such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine?

Why would there be unambiguous censorship against anyone who raise a single kernel of disagreement based upon real science? Why are many of the most prolific and world-renown medical scientists in the history of medical science being censored and ignored because they are sounding warning alarms against people poisoning their systems with this experimental drug? Why has Stanford University been silenced in its findings that facemasks are ineffective and actual can cause severe health deterioration and death? Why is the public only being told the absolute worst when in fact this flu was manageable from the start?

I’m not telling anyone what he or she should or shouldn’t do. However, I would be remiss as a minister, if I didn’t remind people that the buildup to the anti-christ and the Mark of the Beast as referenced in the Revelation begins well ahead of the Great Tribulation. Then again, the only ones who need be concerned about this yet to be fulfilled biblical prophecy are those persons who won’t be gathered with Christ Jesus when He gathers us in the air with Him.

My family and I, as do most of my friends, know exactly why we are saying no. We’re not opposed to injections as such; we are opposed to experimental drugs with proven life-altering side effects including death.

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