If we don't fix 'how' we vote, 'whom' we vote for won't matter

By Laura J. Wellington

I am going to ask a question on behalf of the American people, the ones actually using both sides of their brains currently: “What is wrong with the mindset of our national conservative leadership?”

It is dumbfounding to me that any politician on the right would spend more than a second entertaining the notion of recapturing the House in 2022 and telling us so, given the means by which we lost the presidency continue to be the means we use to decide elections. Did we not learn from that monumental loss followed by the two subsequent Republican Senate seats turned over in Georgia that the liberal left are holding our nation hostage through the voting mechanisms they presently have in place?

It stuns me and 73 million-plus Americans that any further conversation regarding the success of future elections is happening when the culprit damning the outcome of the most recent one has yet to be eliminated. Frankly, it doesn’t matter how incredible any future Republican candidates are if the process of voting and, in that, the calculation of votes is corrupt. It could be Jesus himself who runs. He still wouldn’t win.

Our voices have been stolen, and the only way to get them back is to embark upon an entirely new process that ensures almost no mistakes can be made. We should demand it from those who serve the people! We should also demand a do-over of the Trump-Biden election in conjunction with the new process laid out, putting the questions to bed, finally, as to who really won. It is the only way any type of national unity will be struck between the Trump voters and the Biden voters.

I suggest the following parameters be put into place:

  1. Voting is kept to one day and one day only. No early or late voting allowed, with the exception of deployed military (and even they should have a limit). There should be a specific hour voting begins and voting ends. Any voting that takes place outside those hours should not be counted.
  2. Verifiable paper ballots solely. You must show two legal forms of identification to vote, documenting your citizenship coupled with one utility bill and the prior year’s tax return;
  3. No absentee ballots. The only exceptions would be deployed military and those restricted from going to the polls due to health reasons. The latter requires the voter requesting this exception to have his or her ballot notarized by the town clerk of the town he or she resides. In addition, the ballot needs to be accompanied by a physician’s note.
  4. Ballot processing and counting should be done solely by hand. The complete elimination of the use of electronics in the process of voting should take place. Ballots should be verified and counted solely by hand with overseers from both parties sitting at the table as they are. Any ballots that are questionable to either party’s overseer should be regarded as invalid and placed in a box that must be kept for accounting purposes.
  5. Election results should be ascertained and announced within 24 hours of the complete close of our nation’s polls. This hard line will eliminate any monkey business from occurring due to excesses of time.

The fact of the matter is, as voting is a true privilege, none of these steps should be too much to ask of the voter. We should be concerned with those who balk about abiding by these requirements. Doing so, after all, is in the best interest of every citizen of the United States – a small thing to ask to maintain the integrity of our election. Just look at what happens when we don’t.

When you consider that electing our public servants determines the fate of every one of us as well as our dependents, the idea that the current administration strives to require less verifiable proof of citizenship than we do to board a plane is ludicrous. Just as ludicrous is expecting anything to change in the future given the mechanism remains the same. Our fate and our freedom is already in jeopardy.

If you make a cake without baking powder, you can’t expect it to rise. Same goes for our nation, without a proper vote. The evidence is in the crumbling we are seeing all around us, right before our very eyes.

Laura J. Wellington is the creator of “Miss Laura & Lucky” as well as the founder of THREAD MB, an author, TEDx speaker and mother of five.

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