If you want to know everything about Soros, see this free film …

Do you want to see a breathtaking presentation on the rise of George Soros and his coordinated attack on national sovereignty, self-government and Western civilization itself?

Don’t worry. It’s FREE.

And it’s so important it might just keep us free, as well.

Thankfully, it is now posted on the website of an organization called Sovereign Nations. Do you like that name? I do.

In it, Michael O’Fallon walks viewers through the following historical developments – what he calls the timeline of the progressive movement:

  • The founding of the Fabian Society in the United Kingdom
  • The influence of George Bernard Shaw, H.G. Wells and others on the Fabian Society
  • The founding of the Labour Party in 1900 by the Fabian Society
  • The founding of the London School of Economics by George Bernard Shaw and the Fabian Society
  • The early progressive influence of the Fabian Society in the United States
  • The professorship of Dr. Karl Popper and his teaching on “Open Societies” at the London School of Economics
  • The enrollment and education of a young Hungarian by the name of George Soros at the London School of Economics
  • George Soros’ move to the United States and his use of the philosophy of reflexivity in financial markets
  • George Soros’ founding of Open Societies Foundation in the United States and his use of reflexivity in national and international politics

“The purposed catastrophic changes to Western civilization over the past 100 years are no accident,” O’Fallon stated in his one-hour-20-minute lecture. (But don’t worry, it flies by. You’ll want to watch it a second and third time and share it with your friends.) “What we have witnessed is the gradual, reflexive descent of a sovereign nation whose society is based on Judeo-Christian principles into a Marxist-inspired, global, non-democratic pseudo democracy controlled by social engineers bent on creating open societies. Our constitution and bill of rights are being deconstructed in the classroom, in the judicial branch, in the halls of Congress, and saddest of all, in the church.”

As O’Fallon points out, if you were to take a quick search through what we euphemistically call the “mainstream media” over the past eight years, you would find the following repeated topics:

  • The national borders and immigration laws of the United States are not being respected or enforced by the members of both political parties. The result has been the illegal immigration of tens of millions of unvetted, unverified, undocumented people groups and cultures into the nation.
  • The purposed gradual erosion of the constitutional and legal understanding of what it means to be a citizen of the United States
  • A gradual shift from biological, cultural and common-sense understandings of what makes someone an identifiable member of a gender
  • A focus on “social justice” for the purposes of balkanizing the United States and destroying national unity
  • Propagation of the myth of “white privilege” to erase the foundation of the United States and the cohesive underpinnings of Western civilization
  • Encouraging the widespread acceptance of the concepts of eugenics and abortion
  • Destroying the concept of self-governance and encouraging widespread dependence on an oligarchical government
  • The forced secularization of faith

O’Fallon stated, “There must be a unified push-back against those that would erode our God-given liberties and rights as guaranteed under our constitution. Once we establish that movement here in the United States, we must take that fight globally for the sake of mankind. All of the issues we are facing now are the consequences of ideas. We must prepare to be warriors on the battlefield of ideas.”

O’Fallon’s lecture is from 2017, yet the warnings he presents are even more critical today. Watch the presentation here. You won’t be sorry!

And then, spread it far and wide!

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