If you were God, would you save America?

None of us is God – which is a good thing for all of us. But imagine for a moment that you are still in bed, just waking up to the morning, somewhere between sleep and the new day, and notice a big box in the corner of your bedroom that hadn’t been there when you went to sleep.

You blink a few times, and it is still there. You notice a colorful card dangling from a string on the outside of the box. Now you’re fully awake! You get up – the box is so tall you can’t see inside – so you take the card in your hand, open it and read the inscription:

“Dear Skeptical:

“I’ve decided to do something else for a while. Since the world still needs somebody, I thought that you might take it up in my absence. Inside this box you will find all the things that I have used at one time or another to patch up the world and humanity. As far as I know they still all work just fine. Give it your best shot. I’ll be back after a few more ice ages, to see how it all turned out.

“Thanks, God”

Go ahead; admit it. We’ve all thought at one time or another … how hard can it be? He’s God. He knows everything. He’s all powerful. He’s always right. He even sees the future. How hard can it be to fix whatever it is that ails America – and the rest of the world?

It’s the weekend, so you wander downstairs with the rest of the family, who are oblivious to your new status. The kids are arguing about something. Your partner wants you to go out and pick up breakfast because they didn’t feel like fixing anything. You’re driving to the Breakfast Emporium, when suddenly you hear thousands upon thousands of voices, in different languages, asking you to do something for them. Who are these people? You don’t even know them!

You turn on the radio news for distraction, but it’s horrible! Terrorist explosions in three countries. Thousands of people have been injured or killed. A plethora of motives are assigned by newscasters to the people claiming responsibility. Cries for safety and retaliation are rising above one another.

Suddenly, you know exactly who did it, their true motive, and their future plans for more attacks. Prayers arise for judgment and retaliation. You hear them all, but who are these people? You don’t even know them! Why should you involve yourself?

Now you hear millions of babies crying over the pain of abortion, the medical experiments being carried out on them. You see the cash from the abortion mills and the universities and medical research facilities pouring into the pockets of those who support this horror. You know where it came from, where it went, who benefited and how they spent the money.

You pick up breakfast for the family and drive back on another route. You pass two big churches on the way home. One is closed due to COVID. The other is full of people. You hear the music, the prayers and the sermon, almost all at once. “They don’t even know me,” you realize. “Why should I care about what they are asking me for?”

This route takes you through a short stretch of rural area. You notice the clouds look a bit strange. As you get closer, you see an army of angels on horseback on one side of the road, and a hoard of demons facing them on the other side. The demons recognize you in the car. They trample over one another as they flee your presence. The angels go after them in pursuit. You stop on the road that separated them during the standoff. There is a man in a ditch by the side of the road. His truck is there, too, its bumper crushing his leg. You recognize him immediately. It’s old Wilbur, one of the local farmers.

You stop and get out of the car. He motions you to come over and help him. You call him by name, heal his broken body, and set him on his feet for another day. Throughout the day you hear Wilbur thanking you. But then, he knows you.

If you were God, would you save America today? How would you do it?

John 3:16-17 craigemcmillan.com

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