I'm warning you again: Don't trust Republicans

My entire career to date, I’ve spoken the unvarnished truth. Truth will always be the skunk at a picnic attended by liars, fools and the uninitiated, i.e., those who think, believe and regurgitate whatever they are told as long as the pundit or mouthpiece is advertised as a conservative.

I’m not interested in being liked or being popular. If I were, I’d be a black Republican ideologue where they would hang on my every word as long as I towed the party line. If I were interested in being filthy rich, I would have converted to being an African-American Democrat who blamed white people for everything from slavery to unconscious racism to the notion growing a garden is racist. If I were an African-American Democrat, I’d be a god, and a very rich one. I wouldn’t have to speak broken English and dribble a basketball (and from my mouth) like “Low-Brain” James. I wouldn’t have to be what the old-timer blacks called “high-yellow,” nor a homosexual like a certain sour lemon program host on CNN.

I speak the truth and often in incendiary forthrightness, and that makes people uncomfortable. I don’t apologize for speaking the truth nor for the way I speak it.

Democrats are as unholy as the Children of the Corn. There’s no biblical support that allows for them to be recognized as anything other than the progeny of Satan. They promote every single thing God’s Word condemns. The problem is that most people who reference themselves as conservative, especially those who reference themselves as Christian and conservative, have bought the damnable lie that the Republican Party is more trustworthy than Democrats despite all evidence to the contrary.

The Republicans’ participation in the betrayal of President Trump was Machiavellian to the point of making Macbeth look like a rank amateur in the court of political treachery.

Republicans had their fundraising machinery operating at 110%, using President Trump’s name even as they were selling him out.

I warned conservative voters that Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell was a one of the most untrustworthy political elapids second perhaps only to Karl Rove and Paul Ryan. Mitt Romney is first amongst equals when it comes to Republican traitors.(See “It Ain’t Happening: Why Mitt Romney Is Not A Viable Candidate,” Nov. 10, 2011.)

Rove et al. have designated political office as their private fiefdom. They decide who will participate – and contrary to what you have been led to believe, they decide who will be elected, because they select the candidates. It’s because they select the candidates that they always have the winning hand even when it appears they lose.

Karl Rove has made it clear the only Republican candidates who will receive campaign financing and support are those the Republican hierarchy has vetted and approved. Rove hates us as much as, if not more than, he dislikes Obama. Mitch McConnell boasted of tea-party losses in Alabama. McConnell called tea-party people bullies and said we should be punched in the face.(See “Tell Rove and Mitch McConnell To Get Used To Us,” Nov. 25,2013.)

McConnell also issued an edict to boycott any company that raises money or helps tea-party candidates in any way. He blacklisted The Jamestown Group – one of the most successful money-raising companies the GOP had at its disposal – because they raised money for a tea-party candidate. (See “Is Mitch McConnell A Skunk, Rotten, Or A Rotten Skunk?” Aug. 14, 2017.)

Once again, as in times past I tell you that Republicans are lying to you and counting on you to quickly forget their treachery against us. Their betrayal of President Trump was a betrayal of us.

If Republicans were for you and me, they would have gone to the mat for President Trump. They wouldn’t have used his name to raise mountains of cash as they backstabbed him. Any Republican who abandoned President Trump is as dead to me as the Republican Party itself.

In the next months, those who again foolishly buy the lie that We the People have to support the Republicans because the Democrats are bad, deserve what they get. If the Republicans cared about you and me, Donald Trump would still be president, because they would have fought for him.

Both parties view We the People as easily led illegitimate children whose value is seen only in doing as you are told. I reject that. I’m a man who can think and who isn’t afraid to speak out. Anyone who knows me can tell you granite rocks will be observed changing before I recant and change my position when I know I’m right. I’ll take criticism for standing on the truth.

As a born-again Christian and ordained minister who spent 13 years in prison ministry in America and Canada, I now work in a political environment where probably 99% of the politicians and politicos belong in prison.

I tell you without fear of biblical contradiction, we stand at the intersection of eternity on the doorstep of the great tribulation. Satan is determined to keep you blind to the fact that the time is half-past too late. This is the time for Christendom to preach the return of Christ not “we have to help Republicans save the country.”

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