Imam: Islam can free oppressed women, make them subservient and obedient

A Muslim leader in New York has delivered a sermon that explains how “oppressed” women around the world can be freed by Islam, under which they must be subservient and obedient.

The report comes from the Middle East Media Research Institute which cited the words of imam Ibraheem Al-Hoori, whose recent sermon at the Masjid Ahlul Quran Wa Sunnah in Queens was captured.

There, he said, men are leaders over women, husbands run the marriage, and “it is an act of religious worship for women to be subservient and obedient to their husbands,” the report explained.

The organization posted online a segment of the sermon, and a longer version was on YouTube:

The imam said there are oppressed women throughout the world and the solution is Islam.

He charged, “Look at the movies today, making the men [look] like idiots, lowering us, in other words, you being a man, that is something bad today. You having your point… You speaking and living your life, and conducting your family as a man should – that’s looked down [upon] today. He shouldn’t act like that. He should be a little more easy,” the imam said.

“No you are the man, you are in control. You are the leader. Who has given you that right? Allah.”

He demanded, “That is the proper place that Allah has given the men. Who runs the household? Who is in charge? Who is the one who runs this marriage, runs the house, so on and so forth? It is the man.”

He added, “‘Men are the maintainers of women, the leaders of women.’ What… ‘Because Allah has made one superior to the other.’ From what… Allah has raised them in rank and virtue over women. ”

More of his comments: “‘The righteous woman, is the obedient woman.’ By Allah, men today are scared to talk like this. There are men coming up to the pulpit, feminist men – they are men and they are feminist. Why? Because they are trying to gather the women around them. They get on the pulpit, and they want to gather the women, because the women – that’s money.

“They gather the women, they want to speak… [They say:] ‘Oh, the women…’ We know that the women have been oppressed in certain places, but the solution to their oppression is practicing Islam.”

“Religion” for women, he said, is, “being obedient to her husband, after her father or guardian has given this woman in marriage, being obedient to him and honoring him, aiding him, and servicing him…”

He said, “We read the Quran and we see that this was something that was happening even in the time of Pharaoh, may Allah’s curse be upon him. What would he do? ‘Slaughtering your sons, and sparing your women.’ He would slaughter… He would do what? He would slaughter the male boys, and he would take the women for servitude, to serve him. By Allah, it’s like the same thing today.

“The men are not being slaughtered, in other words, being killed, but their character and positions are being slaughtered. And the women are being what? They are being used to service the governments. They are being used to service the economy. They want the woman to be single and by herself, go out and work. They don’t really care about that woman’s rights. They want her to go out and work and make that money. It’s all about money.”

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