Investigation shows Hunter Biden knew of tax problems years ago

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

Key Hunter Biden memos confirm the president’s son was aware – years ago – of the possibility of a huge unpaid tax liability.

Media reports this week said he obtained a $1 million loan to pay taxes, even as federal investigators reviewed his tax liabilities as well as his overseas business dealings.

According to a review of memos from “business associates, accountants and law partners” by Just the News, which repeatedly has investigated the scandalous behavior of the Biden family, Hunter Biden was told as far back as 2016-17 “he had unpaid taxes on foreign income.”

The memos were obtained by the federal government in 2019 when the FBI obtained a laptop that Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware repair shop, Just the News reported.

“They provide supporting evidence to suspicious financial transactions flagged to the Treasury Department between 2016 and 2019 by banks that were revealed by a 2020 Senate investigation,” the report explained.

Some of the problems came about because of Hunter Biden’s payments from Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, where he was on the board – with payments running tens of thousands of dollars per month – for years.

Biden and a business partner, Devon Archer, who was sentenced recently for a fraud involving a Native American tribe, were hired by Burisma just as Joe Biden, then vice president for Barack Obama, traveled to Ukraine.

The report said as that was happening, Hunter Biden “was looped into an email string with Ukrainian company executives and one of his American law partners laying out an aggressive plan to lobby U.S. agencies. There was a pointed discussion about gaining influence inside the Obama-Biden administration for Burisma without having to register as a lobbyist under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.”

Besides the tax concerns, there were worries about requirements to register with the federal government before acting on behalf of or lobbying for a foreign government.

Joe Biden didn’t hesitate to intervene in Hunter Biden’s affairs, either.

At the time that Hunter Biden was working for Burisma – in fact according to one source “undermining” America’s anti-corruption campaigns in Ukraine because Burisma was under investigation for corruption, Joe Biden openly boasted of threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid if Ukraine’s president did not fire that prosecutor, Victor Shokin.

Biden said he told Ukrainian officials to fire the prosecutor and if they didn’t he would withhold American aid.

Shokin later complained that Joe Biden committed an offense by having him fired.

Just the News reported that the memos openly discussed a desire to avoid registering as lobbyists, at a time when Hunter Biden also was working at Boies Schiller law firm.

“We at BSF will lead all this work and can execute the political and legal work right up to the line where we would need to register as lobbyists, but I don’t want to register under the lobbying disclosure act or the foreign agents registration act,” one law partner wrote.

Also asked by a lawyer was a question about whether Burisma had American subsidiaries through which it could lobby.

Just the News explained, “The New York Times reported Wednesday the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings began in 2018 and is focused on issues like whether he legally was obligated to register under FARA, whether he violated tax laws or laundered any money.”

Hunter Biden admitted just after his father was elected he was being investigated by the federal government.

“Memos obtained by Just the News more than a year ago show the president’s son was warned as early as 2016 by a business associate and accountant that he had failed to pay taxes on large payments he had received from Burisma,” Just the News explained.

“For instance, just four days before Donald Trump assumed the presidency, a business colleague warned Hunter Biden he had not paid taxes on approximately $400,000 that he had been paid by Burisma in 2014 alone.”

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said the developments illustrate the dangers of the broad censorship program many legacy and social media outlets imposed on Americans over the Biden family activities.

Jordan was part of a congressional investigation of the Democrats’ false Russian collusion conspiracy theory as well as the Ukrainian impeachment scandal created by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi against President Trump.

That was when leftists were claiming the Biden scandal was itself a “conspiracy theory.”

“You have the Democrats’ candidate for president in the weeks leading up to the election, we find out his son who had this cushy job with Burisma that was the focus of the 2019 impeachment was not paying taxes,” Jordan told Just the News. “I mean that comes out just days and weeks before the presidential election.

“That’s what [the censors] had to avoid. They went to any length they could to stop that with social media platforms, not allowing this story to go forward.”

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