Is America having a near-death experience, or is this the end?

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. – Paul the Apostle, 1 Corinthians 13:11 NIV

The American people, at this moment in time, are living inside two competing movies. The the producers, the directors, actors, cinematographers, they are all following a script that is being altered as the movies are being filmed. Unbeknownst to actors and filmmakers, the Author has stepped onto the set. He is making some changes of his own. Soon they will be revealed. The movie makers will be the first to notice. Their script will have been altered, but no one gave permission.

In one of these movies, anything having to do with Trump is evil, and anyone who applauds his accomplishments must be destroyed. His memory must be erased from the body politic at all costs.

In the other movie, Trump restored government to the people, ended the endless foreign wars, deflated the climate-change balloon and saved America from invasion by citizens of other nations who desperately wanted to come here – without the inconvenience of immigrating legally.

This movie, however, is more subtle than Democratic and Republican rhetoric. Some from both parties long ago entered into an unholy union against the nation that gave them birth. This union was not donkeys and elephants mating with each other. Rather it was about personal power and private gain mating with political money that refused to count the cost to the nation.

The offspring of this evil union now rule in many areas of government, entertainment, business, education, media, technology, religion and even science. Individually, these offspring of this Democrat-Republican fornication appear most often as members of the Democratic Party. The Republican offspring of this union take pains to hide their true identity, so they can continue to “serve” the people who elect them.

The other movie being filmed is more recent in its origins. This movie, crafted from the hopes and dreams of millions of ordinary people, expresses patriotism, values families and children, wants to work and is frustrated by a broken education system, jobs exported overseas and government overreach into their lives. Most give God a place in their lives. This movie describes an election that was stolen by old-fashioned Democratic fraud and newfangled voting technology. It is about a Congress that certified a fraudulent election, a Supreme Court that refused to intervene in disputes between states, candidates, corrupt state and federal office holders, and lower courts.

Depending upon the author’s agreement with a film production company, he or she may be permitted a voice in the final version of the film. This is generally viewed as a good thing for the story, and a bad thing for those who bankroll the film. These people are fond of audiences and profits; they therefore like tried and true scenes that can be adapted to a variety of films. The original author may not recognize the end product.

In the case of the competing movies now being filmed, the Author seems to have stepped unnoticed onto the set. He knows that humanity has an unseen enemy; one who hates them solely because they are his creation. He has issues with both movies, and as the author he has retained all rights to his creation. He’s fond of having his original script used to make the movie, and he has been known to change things on-the-fly, disallowing edits approved by others to his work.

Let’s be blunt: If the Biden-Harris script becomes the final movie, the American experiment has failed. It’s game-over for freedom, both here and around the world. A one-world socialist-techno-tyranny that is hell-bent on eradicating freedom is not a film anyone wants to see. But none of us will have a choice. We will all be bit-players, our parts written but badly out of character, to entertain the billionaires pulling the strings behind the scenes. They will make all the decisions for planet earth, not because they are qualified, but because no one else has a voice. They see themselves as destined to colonize the solar system and move outward from there. This is the mindset that happens when you own the politicians. The form of government is irrelevant.

If the MAGA faction movie prevails, America will be returned to its God-inspired destiny as Reagan’s shining city on a hill, a beacon of freedom other nations will be drawn to. The thought-free lunch promised by big media, big tech, by every-other-year election campaigns and endless bureaucrats running government for their own benefit will be uprooted, wither and die. We will be forced to become part of the solution, because there is no one else.

It is astonishing that America’s big-media companies now see their mission as serving up lies 24/7 to their customers, brainwashing them, turning them against one another and leading them into a soulless future devoid of freedom and dignity; a future that no one wants except the evil and corrupt.

Big tech seems intent on doing the Democrats’ bidding on censoring speech they disagree with, deplatforming and demonitizing providers who helped them become so big. Such is the nature of greed and the lust for power.

Now that the Author has stepped back onto the filming set, can we expect upsets to begin taking shape? I think so. Watch Purim and Passover. If you’re infamiliar with them, you will find them in the Bible books of Esther and Exodus.

God has provided near-death experiences for his people before. They’re not just stories. They happened to real people. They usually happened when there was no other way out. It will almost certainly not be what we expect. Why would it? God is supernatural. Perhaps today’s Christians should ask themselves, why would God limit himself to the solutions that we could effect ourselves?

It’s also important to remember: Profound thinking and behavior changes often follow in those who have had near-death experiences. Thanks to media lies and big-tech suppression, half the nation now believes the MAGA movement is the biggest threat to this nation. A Divine reversal of Satan’s plans for America at the last possible moment may provide a multitude of near-death experiences that will result in change we never thought possible. Half of America needs the profound changes of a near-death experience. Otherwise they will never see the lies and trickery of a corrupt, self-imagined elite selling all of us out for their own gain.

Behind Enemy Lines: Supernatural Meddling. Volume II in the Armageddon Story novel series.

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