Is China guilty of 5 million murders via COVID?

In the face of an advancing threat, common sense dictates initiating steps to either avoid it or defend against it. Applying such logic in the case of China’s actions, both before the international community became aware of COVID-19 and afterward, is telling.

A lot of evidence has come to light collected by private investigative groups demanding that those responsible for releasing the SARS-CoV-2 virus be held accountable. This evidence raises a red flag as to what China really knew about the release and then did to hide its role.

While much of the evidence collected to date is circumstantial, by connecting the “dots” of circumstantial and direct evidence, one reasonable conclusion can be drawn – a conclusion a Japanese publication suggests President Joe Biden deliberately seeks to avoid reaching.

Beijing has demonstrated no interest in helping international investigators identify COVID-19’s origin. It has gone out of its way to destroy evidence linking the virus to its Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) – the location many investigators now believe is responsible for its release.

Actions taken by China to keep a lid on evidence linked to its involvement includes silencing its own experts, some of whom have mysteriously disappeared. Foreign investigative reporters in China have been kicked out of the country. From China’s standpoint, the less known by the outside world, the less likely Beijing will be held accountable for its role.

But the evidentiary dots suggest all roads to the virus lead to the WIV. Some of the more intriguing evidence suggesting Chinese culpability include the following:

    1. U.S. intelligence knows in a secret 2003 Beijing meeting Chinese officials discussed problems confronting them in a 21st century world – among them a growing Chinese population’s need for territorial expansion. While large expansions of territory, such as in the U.S., were ideal for this, the speaker knew nuclear war was not an option – but biological warfare was. Beijing was already conducting extensive research and development into this area. Did COVID-19 evolve from this thinking? Quite possibly so as we know, today, China is currently researching a “civilization-killing” pathogen, collecting specific DNA samples to develop a profile undoubtedly targeting Caucasians. Boasting the world’s largest bio-database, Beijing seeks to make viruses kill for them.
    2. It is believed COVID-19 Patient Zero originated in Wuhan, China, becoming infected with the virus in October or November of 2019. But it was not until Dec. 31, 2019, that China forewarned the world about a cluster of “viral pneumonia” cases breaking out there. While Beijing reported the virus source was an unidentified, infected animal obtained at the Wuhan wet market – a claim it later abandoned – this did leave open the question whether it evolved naturally or was man made. (China recently ridiculously blamed Maine lobsters as the source.) While the former was promoted by a liberal U.S. press, taking its lead as well as millions of dollars in compensation from China, silencing critics arguing otherwise, it would take a year before the evidentiary weight sufficiently supported WIV involvement. (A recent National Geographic documentary outrageously continues defending China.) Adding to a plethora of circumstantial evidence was discovery by an Australian news source that, prior to COVID-19’s international spread, Beijing had purchased tons of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test kits. These kits determine if a patient is afflicted with the genetic material of the virus causing COVID-19. While they are used in research, their purchase in bulk strongly suggests Chinese officials were close to their goal, looking for a specific reaction – the kits allowing them to determine whether the pandemic had begun. The bulk purchases began as early as May 2019 – seven months before China sent out an international advisory about the virus cluster cases. Interestingly, information about their purchases was erased from the web, only discovered later when recovered by cybersecurity experts.
    3. A 2018 grant application submitted to the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) reveals an international group of scientists proposed mixing genetic data of similar strains to form a new virus. The proposal was submitted by British zoologist Peter Daszak who closely interfaced with Dr. Anthony Fauci and WIV. As one expert explained, such research would evolve into a virus that had no pure ancestor in nature, explaining why we have yet to find a close natural match for it. The DARPA proposal was rejected; the database of viral strains at WIV was later taken offline.
    4. Documentation has been discovered revealing that neither China nor Fauci have been truthful about “gain-of-function” research conducted by WIV that could be linked to the virus and for which Fauci granted funding. Gain-of-function research involves making a virus easier to move between humans or to become more lethal in humans. Just recently, the National Institute of Health (NIH) admitted such funding was granted due to reporting requirements being violated. This has now resulted in legislation being introduced mandating that NIH consult with national security officials on research grants.
    5. With China keeping the coronavirus quiet, it went on to host a superspreader event in October 2019 – the World Military Games – in Wuhan. Beijing would later suggest Patient Zero originated in the U.S., which then used the October games in Wuhan to spread the virus into China – a claim the U.S. media naively pushed. Getting less coverage by our media was a Chinese defector’s claim Beijing intentionally used the October event to spread the virus.
    6. While a U.S. expert admits “we can’t really say how the virus got to Wuhan,” he added there is “not a high, or any natural prevalence of viruses closely related” to it. That fact, plus the fact that WIV was working with samples taken from bats that have a high risk of harboring COVID-19-like coronaviruses “is why I continue to think a lab leak is highly probable.”

Conviction for first degree murder in a U.S. court of law requires willfulness – i.e., acting with intent to kill another. This involves deliberation and premeditation. The latter two elements require the elapse of sufficient time so as to allow a reasonable person to reflect upon so acting. To date, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of almost 5 million people globally. If the virus was released intentionally, China is guilty of first degree murder; if released accidentally, it is guilty of involuntary manslaughter. A Chinese desire to murder Americans is not outlandish – a state-controlled newspaper recently threatened to murder Americans in Taiwan.

One could reasonably assume that taking almost two decades to develop a biological weapon of mass destruction is clear evidence of deliberation and premeditation of evil intent. Whether the release was intentional or accidental, China must now be held accountable.

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