Is it too late to start prepping?

Prepping has always gotten a bad rap – undeservedly so, in my humble opinion.

Many claim it’s only done by ultra-right-wing nuts convinced that the end of civilization is right over the next horizon.

If you’re unfamiliar with prepping, it’s merely short for or slang for preparation, or preparing – collecting various items, food, water, emergency supplies, etc., in preparation of disruption or disaster – natural or man-caused.

Some are casual preppers; others may be more hardcore, dystopian preppers.

Now I don’t know about the end of civilization, but if you’re paying attention, it certainly appears that hard times may in fact be just over the horizon. And by horizon, I mean potentially within the next couple months.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase, says it’s more than just hard times ahead. He recently classified it as an economic hurricane bearing down on us.

And in my opinion, it all comes down to energy. And I mean real energy – petroleum, not unicorn farts and fairy dust, aka, windmills and solar panels.

Natasha Kaneva, head of commodities research at JPMorgan is predicting that by August – that’s two months from now – the national average for gas could be $6.20 per gallon.

This, of course, inspires a quick aside in the form of a conspiracy alert!

What happens in November? That’s right – the midterm elections. I wonder if the left will mount a push, due to a national fuel price crisis, that everyone should just mail in their ballots due to the exorbitant cost of driving to the polls.

OK – I got that out of my system.

So how will our government mitigate this disaster? I’m sure they have a plan, other than just talking us all into a collective coma.

Well, we have two sources of fuel reserves. First, the one we all know about – the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which the administration has already tapped into.

In November 2021, Biden announced the release of 50 millions barrels from the reserve. Did you feel the relief? No? Small wonder, considering the U.S. consumes north of 20 millions barrels a day. That release amounted to two and a half days’ worth.

The second source is the Diesel Fuel Reserve (for the East Coast) that contains 1 million barrels of … well … diesel fuel. OK, that’s a whole lot of diesel. That will make a dent, right?

Yes, about as much of a dent as a pebble hitting an aircraft carrier. Experts calculate that this release will amount to approximately 65% of the diesel fuel needs for … one day. And that’s just for the East Coast.

So, thanks to this administration, and the one before last, we are facing a wholly created “everything” crisis. Like every crisis, save for natural disasters, our leftist “greenie” government (and the World Economic Forum) is behind this fuel crisis.

I mean an “everything” crisis because it will negatively affect all aspects of our lives – not just housing or food or transportation.

Put simply, the world runs on diesel fuel. Trucks almost exclusively run on it – from construction and farm equipment to trains, planes and cargo ships.

On May 3, Yahoo news wrote, “Prices now average above $6 a gallon in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and California. In the Golden State alone, they were $6.45 a gallon.”

And that’s just gasoline. And in case you forgot, gasoline is hauled by trucks that run on diesel.

All the aforementioned forms of transportation run on diesel. Unfortunately, disel prices of $7 to $10 per gallon may be right around the corner. Adding to this, some are also predicted fuel rationing beginning this summer.

You’re a trucker or a farmer. How on earth are you going to afford to drive the truck or harvest your crops if you can’t afford the fuel?

Oh, and did I forget to mention the rolling blackouts possibly heading our way?

Right on the heels of the increasing fuel shortages, will come massive food shortages worldwide. Poorest countries will be hit first and hardest, which will then lead to mass migration to the nearest food source – America. Luckily, our borders are wide open to be able to accept all the starving illegals, which will then hasten the food shortages here.

And don’t be fooled by our political elites who blame Putin for all this. The U.N. was warning of massive food shortages years before Russia invaded Ukraine – and even prior to the “pandemic.” It’s just now being exacerbated by the fuel crisis.

So all that being said, those wacky preppers don’t look so crazy anymore, do they?

If you haven’t already begun, it’s not too late. It certainly isn’t ideal, but better late than never. I’d get to it if I were you.

But if you decide against it, don’t come looking for me to help if the s**t does hit the fan. I lost all my preps, my weapons and ammunition in a tragic boating accident.

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