Is Joe Manchin a hero? Not on your life!

Does Sen. Joe Manchin deserve all the praise he’s getting from Republicans?

Is he likely to switch parties after the mid-term massacre sure to come at year’s end?

What kind of a Republican would he make?

Let me reveal some things you should know before piling any more praise on him.

Joe Manchin is not the second coming of Donald Trump or Ronald Reagan.

He may have put a halt to the reckless spending of Joe Biden, temporarily. And for that American should be grateful. But in a 50-50 Senate he proved he’s still a Democrat – through and through.

Paul Mirengoff, a retired attorney in Washington, D.C., and a blogger at, pointed out, “As Democrats continue to trash Joe Manchin, we learn that they have succeeded in confirming the highest number of federal judges in the first year of a presidency in four decades. The Senate has confirmed 40 judges this year. That’s more than twice the number in Donald Trump’s first year. This couldn’t have happened without Joe Manchin. Without Manchin, the West Virginia seat he holds would be occupied by a Republican. Of this, there can be no doubt. West Virginia is a solidly red state.”

Manchin is not some magic West Virginian. He barely defeated Patrick Morrisey, the state’s attorney general, in 2018.

Biden got 40 ultra-liberals and leftists through an equally divided Senate – ensuring they would not need Kamala Harris to cast a tie-breaking vote by enlisting a few RINOS along the way.

Chuck Schumer was able to slow walk Trump appointees, but Mitch McConnell refused to do so with Biden nominees.

Manchin was a yes-man for Biden, giving him the power to appoint terrible judges more easily. And he’s doing it at a record pace. That’s why somebody should run against Manchin in 2024. Are you listening, Donald Trump, the most powerful GOP kingmaker? This is a sure thing come reelection time. Manchin is a hero right now in his red state – because of his refusal to go the extra mile for Joe Biden. But if the rest of the story is told before 2024, Manchin will have a target on his back – and all the complainers among his Democratic “colleagues” will get their comeuppance.

Mirengoff ended his piece, “the Democrats are lucky that Joe Manchin is in the Senate. Manchin understands this and therefore probably resents the attacks on him by the White House and congressional Dems all the more.”

But Trump can get the last laugh. By campaigning extra hard in West Virginia – and having a GOP Senate candidate that has is back!

Manchin’s taking one for the team. He’s been bought. He won’t blame Biden. Instead he blames unnamed White House staffers for recent events, to perpetuate the myth that the tail wags the dog. It is how Biden avoids accountability.

In 1944, the D-Day victory had troops believing they’d be home for Christmas. The war in Europe had other plans. It was not over until the next May.

So it is with this spending spree. Democrats have plenty of time left to bankrupt America in 2022.

Democrats will trim a little from their $5 trillion (CBO estimate) gift to donors and supporters. They will pass it next year without a Republican vote. After all, they have Manchin.

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