Is Joe Manchin done for if he stays the course against Biden?

A still from the film, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” shows Jimmy Stewart during the famous filibuster scene.

Democrats in Washington have made no secret that they want to change the United States into a socialist haven where the government controls elections and education and dispenses taxpayer funds to illegal aliens and for abortion on demand.

One of the obstacles to their agenda right now is the fact that West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat himself,  supports the filibuster, which Democrats need to destroy to move forward. And he likes other traditional ideas such as voter ID.

He’s under intense pressure from leftists like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to reverse his course. It’s because of his vote, and that of another senator or two, that held up is a trillion dollars the Democrats want to spend on “infrastructure” and another whopping $3.5 trillion they want to spend on social programs, green programs, and abortion.

But his own voters don’t want that.

At all.

A poll profiled in Paul Bedard’s Washington Secrets column reveals if the senator listens to those who voted for him, he’ll “stick to his opposition to killing the filibuster, drop his support for eliminating voter identification, and walk away from the liberal bid managed by Vice President Kamala Harris to impose national rules on state and local elections.”

The results are from Honest Election Project Action, which looked at several issues, including an election reform package that Manchin supports to allow same day voter registration, mass mail-in voting and more.

It shows that 73% of all those voters in West Virginia, and 79% of those who support Manchin “do not want Washington dictating voting laws to states. And 69% of Manchin supporters believe a politician who votes for the liberal reforms ‘is voting against his constituents’ interests.”

The report also showed on voter ID, 78% of West Virginians and 87% of Manchin supporters favor voter photo ID laws.

But it is his support for the Senate filibuster that is helping him in the state, the report explained.

The poll explained, “Joe Manchin’s political future may hinge on his continued defense of the filibuster. Leftwing activists and dark money special interests are pressuring Manchin to renege on his pledge to protect the filibuster. But in West Virginia, the filibuster is more popular than Joe Manchin. 56% of West Virginians report they would be less likely to re-elect him if he eliminates or weakens the filibuster. Six in 10 Manchin supporters (59%) would be less likely to vote for him if he destroys the filibuster.”

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