Is the revolution won and done?

Could the imposition of a police state by Joe Biden and his handlers mean there will not be another election in America? Perhaps the revolution is complete and the remnants of a free people are being swept away.

Even the most partisan of partisans ought to recognize Team Biden is ruling America as if it had no concern how the Nov. 8 voting will turn out. As the political-prisoner population in the nation’s jails expands from ordinary citizens who walked into their Capitol to a former president’s residence, it is a reasonable concern.

The socialist revolutionaries either think they can control the outcome of the next election, and thus all future elections, or they intend to seize power in perpetuity, rendering a vote of the people useless. If we all march to the polls to vote the way the government tells us to vote, there really is no election.

It may just be that Donald Trump was the last duly elected president of the United States of America. The way votes were counted on election night 2020 was historic. In every prior election, the pattern of voting is established early, and rarely does a candidate vote total flip-flop at the witching hour.

Biden assiduously avoided campaigning in 2020. His few campaign events attracted crowds notable for their diminutive size. And yet his vote totals said he was the most popular man to ever run for the presidency. That popularity was “discovered” in the after-midnight pause and then resumption of counting.

With same-day registration, no photo identification required, no signatures witnessed and no drop box security, the general public will never have confidence in election results. The system was rigged to accommodate cheaters, and it was rigged by the Democratic Party. They own it. The own it in California, and have owned it for some time. And now Nancy Pelosi is working that same magic in D.C.

The 2020 election had a notable amount of cheating, and much of it has been documented or videotaped. Was it enough to throw the election? That is an unanswerable question. In America we must accept the counting of the ballots, or the system collapses.

Democrats continue to stonewall any suggestions to make voting and ballot counting more secure. The status quo is the Democrats’ final solution.

Their arrogance also is on display with the Mar-a-Lago raid. Ninety days out from a midterm election, and the full force of the Biden Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation physically assaults the home of the former president and likely future candidate for president. How brazen is that? How confident the Democrats must be that nothing can touch them, not even the voters of the United States of America.

Some people continue to warn we are headed for a revolution, or civil strife, if this continues. They are behind the curve. The “transition” from a free society to a socialist society modeled after the Chinese system is nearing an end. The nation will not survive climate control and firearms confiscation, but the transition team has both in place, funded and ready to go.

In reality, every important segment of American society is under absolute control of the agents of transition. The government and private schools are now teaching Marxist Critical Race Theory, and to question the curriculum has brought down the wrath of the same Department of Justice that is intent upon reducing a former president to the status of a political prisoner. The national news media would not have anything to say or print if it did not have the daily Democratic Party talking points at hand or on the teleprompter. Television advertising content went third-world in casting, set design and message a year ago January. It seems there are more LGBTQ rolls in the shows than there are LGBTQ people in America. The one most obvious change is the boycotting of white males in TV advertising content. What do you expect when Disney abandons its “happiest place on earth” for the endless oppression of everything American?

When free people are denied the support of their government, churches, schools, media, entertainment industry, military and even crime-free access to the local mall, one has to ask: Are we approaching revolution? Are we in the midst of a revolution? Or have we lost the revolution, and they are just hunting down and extinguishing pockets of resistance? has a one-bedroom, one-bath, 800 square-foot condo for sale in Laguna Beach for a cool $1.23 million, just in case you want to get away from it all before the dream fades.

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