Is there anything the left is proud of? I'm waiting

Here’s a thought for you, popularized by fellow WND columnist Dennis Prager: The left ruins everything it touches. Think about it.

The leftists wanted Trump out of office. They got what they wanted. In his place, they have a doddering old man who can barely tie his shoes, whose puppet strings are being yanked by mysterious off-stage forces.

After blaming Trump for everything from the spread of the coronavirus to dust bunnies under the bed, the left is engaging in the most extraordinary verbal gymnastics to absolve Biden of any culpability for every disaster of the last 10 months, including the economy, inflation, the border crisis, the collapse of Afghanistan, debt default and the ever-popular and much-loved vaccine mandates.

The left wanted green energy. The push away from fossil fuels – far, far in advance of any nation’s ability to provide for its energy needs through green technology – is hitting a “perfect storm” this winter and leaving many nations facing skyrocketing energy costs, massive increases in food prices, and in some cases nationwide blackouts.

David Blackmon wrote in Forbes: “The energy crisis in Western Europe this summer has been brought on by premature retirements of hundreds of coal and natural gas power plants in favor of massive over-reliance on wind power and, to a lesser extent, solar. … Ironically, this crisis is taking place just as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats attempt to ram through their massive $3.5 ‘budget reconciliation’ bill that is in large part designed to recreate the European model in the United States.” [Emphasis added.]

As ZeroHedge put it, “The energy crisis in Europe and, to a considerable extent in China, is showing the rest of the world how not to do an energy transition at a time when many parts of that rest of the world are planning their own transitions.”

Congratulations, leftists; you got what you wanted. Now what?

Trump and his family were so closely scrutinized that when Ivanka Trump got a (gasp!) white dog, the left had an absolute meltdown over her alleged racism. But Hunter Biden’s staggering list of horrific peccadilloes is completely and totally ignored, as well as Joe Biden’s involvement with his son’s illegal activities.

These double standards underscore the left’s habit of pursuing splinters in everyone else’s eye while ignoring the log in its own. As a result, we have a government so corrupt that our enemies are falling over laughing at us.

Biden cultivated a border crisis so severe that it dwarfs anything under Barack Obama’s administration. Kamala Harris – allegedly in charge – won’t go anywhere near the border, doubtless because she knows she can’t (or won’t) fix it. Similarly, Biden appointed Pete Buttigieg as transportation secretary, where he’s doing a stupendous job ignoring the supply chain crisis, airline and train “sickouts,” and other issues snarling up the country. In fact, Secretary Pete has been on “paternity leave” since mid-August as the crisis worsens.

Congratulations, leftists; you got what you wanted. Now what?

“Bidenomics consists of President Joe Biden’s radical progressive prescriptions for transforming the American economy, including massive wealth redistribution, focus on ‘equity’ and ‘social justice’ rather than merit and economic opportunity, disincentives for work, and cradle-to-grave entitlements,” observed FrontPageMag. “It’s not working.”

The left wanted to defund the police. Many cities did so. The resulting crime wave sweeping the country is staggering. Murders alone are up 30%. 30%! Isn’t that terrific? Is this what the left wanted?

Oh, and don’t forget: Concerned parents are now domestic terrorists. Whee, what fun!

Faced with plummeting approval ratings across the board, it’s a good likelihood a “red wave” will sweep the country in the 2022 midterm elections. But undoubtedly, the left is anticipating this and will “win” the elections through widespread voter fraud. According to attorney Sidney Powell, it’s likely our votes have been stolen with computer algorithms since the year 2000. Don’t expect 2022 to be any different.

Answer me this: Is there anything the left is proud of since stealing the 2020 election and installing a senile puppet in office? Are they proud of the border situation? Are they proud of the Afghanistan withdrawal and the rise of the Taliban with its horrific oppression of women (and almost everyone else)? Are they proud of the shortages of food and consumer goods? Are they proud of vaccine mandates that are decimating the ranks of health care workers, truck drivers, teachers, airline personnel and endless other industries? Are they proud of higher gas prices? Are they proud of inflation? Are they proud of the energy shortage? Are they proud of the skyrocketing crime due to police defunding and lax prosecutorial enforcement? Are they proud of the number of small businesses forced to close? Are they proud of the racial polarization of our nation? Are they proud of the ignorance and victimhood being cultivated in public schools? Are they proud of our “woke” military, which is weakening American standing on the international stage?

Or, let’s do the flip side. What is better under leftist control? Has public education improved? Has the economy improved? Has the cost of living improved? Has the cost of housing improved? Has medical care improved? Has our energy situation improved? Have gas prices improved? Has the border situation improved? Have race relations improved? Has crime decreased? Are our cities safer?

Arguably our nation has been in decline since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, but more aggressively since the hippies of the 1960s grew up and began dominating the fields of media, education and (more recently) social media. Slowly, irrevocably, the left has been changing the course of the mighty ship that is America, ensuring its next destination will be on the rocks of economic collapse.

Congratulations, leftists; you got what you wanted. Now what?

I cannot fathom that any of these intended and unintended consequences are unknown to the leftists who push them. There are three options: either the left is stupid, or they’re liars, or this is deliberate. Take your pick.

Truly there are those who prefer to rule in hell than serve in heaven. Apparently, they consider it their job to take the rest of us along for the ride.

So my thesis is this: The left ruins everything. Change my mind. Let’s go, Brandon.

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