Is this where they'll stick all you unmasked non-vaxxers?

What will happen down the road a piece to those who simply refuse the COVID vaccine? Will they be allowed to continue to be productive members of society? Or maybe they will be forced to wear a colorful pin with the initials, “NV” for no vaccine, or “not vaccinated.” You know, akin to the yellow Star of David patch the German Jews were forced to wear.

Will the authorities allow this to occur, the NVs commingling with the vaccinated faithful?

What of those who simply don’t buy into the mask mandates? Will these heretical, non-conformist science “deniers” be permitted to coexist with the vast majority of masked-up, true American patriots?

Well, I say NO!

If Dr. Saint-Fauci says we need to be vaccinated, then, by God, that’s what we’ll do. If he insists on us wearing multiple masks, even after we’ve been vaccinated – well, that’s good enough for me. How dare anyone question the exalted expert of experts!

Spouting off about freedom and liberty. Come on, Man! It’s just common sense, you know, like gun laws, to suspend constitutional rights. This is a pandemic!

And if you refuse to comply with these reasonable orders, Joe and Kamala may just find a place for you to stay until you get your mind right and stop questioning authority and settled science.

If I may be so bold as to suggest just the place. It’s a lovely yet small island, just a short distance from the shore of The Bronx, New York.

No, it’s not Fantasy Island. It’s called North Brother Island, and is situated in the East River between The Bronx and Riker’s Island.

From a distance it looks quite peaceful with its lush vegetation. It is now, but looks can be deceiving.

At the end of the 19th century and into the 20th, New York welcomed a great many immigrants, but the welcome wasn’t always pleasant.

Many of these immigrants were forced to live in very cramped and unsanitary conditions, conditions that allowed for sickness and disease. I wonder if they were, “kept in cages.”

Diseases would inevitably spread, and once the health authorities identified a person as having a communicable disease (like COVID), they were seized and shipped off to North Brother Island, where it was first employed as a “quarantine” center in 1885. Getting the idea?

Conditions were not good on the island. The mortality rate among patients was high and the recovery rate low. But it will serve you right if you refuse to comply – carelessly spreading your COVID to all the masked and vaccinated people.

Once people were grabbed, there families often never heard from them again.

The island’s first unfortunate guests were patients with communicable diseases such as smallpox, tuberculosis, scarlet fever and diphtheria. There were six people suffering from leprosy confined there in wooden huts.

Yes, but nothing as bad as coronavirus – am I right?

Living conditions were poor at best, and when bad weather stopped ferries from running there were food shortages. In winter, there was frequently little heat. Incarceration on North Brother was often a death sentence. Those who did return from the island spoke of a hellish environment like “the black hole of Calcutta.”

It’s most famous, or infamous resident, was Mary Mallon, better known as “Typhoid Mary.” She was forcibly incarcerated on North Brother in 1907 until her release in 1910. She had to promise not to work at her former profession as a cook. She broke her promise and was returned to the island in 1915, where she resided in her own cottage on the island until her death in 1938.

And she only had typhoid! Imagine if she had COVID (and was conservative). She would never have been released the first time.

Is this the fate of you who still think your precious constitutional rights trump safety and security at any cost? It will be a fitting end for all non-conformists!

By the way, I’ll see you there!

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