It's about what Biden has done, not what he says

President Joe Biden delivers remarks before signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Monday, Nov. 15, 2021, on the South Lawn of the White House. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)
President Joe Biden delivers remarks before signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Monday, Nov. 15, 2021, on the South Lawn of the White House. (Official White House photo by Cameron Smith)

Whatever political spin is included in Joe Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night won’t matter to many Americans.

It’s because they’ve already seen what he’s doing, and make their judgments on that, according to an online commentary from Tony Perkins, chief of the influential Family Research Council in Washington.

He said, “To most Americans, it’s less about what Biden will say Tuesday and more about what he has done.”

He quoted Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., who already warned, “The people of the United States are not fools. They get what’s going on in this country…”

Explained Perkins, “And until this president changes his strategy and confronts the crises at hand, the state of our union will continue to be a dismal one.”

Perkins noted the difficult job facing White House speechwriters when they prepared Biden’s address.

“Trying to spin a year’s worth of disasters into a triumph of modern liberalism would be hard even for the best fiction writers,” he said. And he cited their need to be “pretending that his failures overseas, the high prices at home, and the deep unpopularity of this administration are all a fulfillment of his promise to do ‘great things.'”

His assessment of the overall performance of Biden, who has been asked by members of Congress to take a cognitive test to show he’s mentally capable of doing the job after a campaign, and a year in office, of verbal gaffes, blunders and stumbles, was devastating.

“After 13 months of Joe Biden, no one is confident that the man who vowed to answer ‘the call of history’ could even find the phone,” he said. “In a single year, Americans have gone from economic, energy, border, and national security to dancing on a knife’s edge of inflation, crime, disunity, global upheaval, and war. ”

He quoted John Nolte’s comments: “After four years of peace under Trump — of North Korea tamed, of peace deals in the Middle East, of Putin at a total standstill — Biden’s blundering and blustering, his obscene and shameful Afghanistan withdrawal, his dotage and stupidity, his killing of our energy pipelines while approving Putin’s, have all brought about a terrible war in Ukraine. [And where it] could lead is unthinkable.”

Perkins noted that’s not just the opinion of Republicans, either.

“Asked if America is “stronger” or “weaker” under Joe Biden, double the respondents (48 percent) agree: ‘weaker.’ Perhaps most damning, the majority of people (62 percent) don’t think Putin would have declared war if ‘Trump had been president’ — including almost 40 percent of Democrats!”

The misjudgments include Biden’s created crisis at the southern border after he abandoned President Trump’s security measures like the wall construction. Then Washington insiders insisted on a fence around the U.S. Capitol because of a contingent of truckers traveling there to protest COVID mandates.

“Terrified by the People’s Convoy rolling into D.C., Democrats have decided to turn the Capitol into Fort Pelosi again. Thanks to the black chain link fence around Washington’s most famous building, Biden looks like he’s preparing for a Russian invasion, not a group of harmless truckers,” Perkins wrote.

“Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., couldn’t help pointing out the irony. ‘So a fence works in Washington, but not the southern border?'” Perkins noted.

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