It's always the incompetent who grab power

There was a reason why the American founders gave Fedzilla only a few crumbs above a bread and water starvation diet. They knew a few things that we have forgotten.

Today the dumber people are, the more grandiose their schemes and the rhetoric through which they seek to implement them. Every failed idea for advancement the world has tried throughout history is not a warning to be heeded, but rather for them a new call to action. The more dreadful the failure in the past and the greater the price paid by its utopian recruits back then, the more these individuals today are convinced that their approach will meet with success … this time. Really? If your plan is so good, why do you need to implement it by censoring and silencing the objections of those you seek to bless?

With rare exceptions, the more intelligent and thoughtful people are, the less they are inclined to seek power over their fellow citizens. Put another way, real intelligence always leaves open the possibility that I could be wrong. Power is a primary driver for those who lack competence in life, who frequently are wrong and whose utopian ideals are a direct challenge to our Creator God’s ultimate ownership of humanity. Yes, you do have free will and therefore the ability to sell yourself to the highest bidder. But really, why would you believe someone who has done nothing but lie to humanity from the very beginning, when you make that bargain?

Fairness is one of the great shell games played by tyrants, dictators and power-grabbing wannabes. It runs entirely contrary to a Creator God who made each of us with different talents, gifts and abilities. If He gifted us differently, how could our outcomes all be the same? Fairness of outcome assumes that human beings are all gifted the same. And really, in the end fairness is whatever the power-grabbing wannabes say that it is. Funny how that works, huh?

If you are listening to big-media propagandists for your daily itinerary of events across the nation and the world, you probably know exactly what went wrong in every bad outcome, who is to blame and what must be done to make sure it never happens again. By providing you with this valuable storyline, they save you the time and effort of thinking about what might have happened. And really, in the end, isn’t that the entire reason we have big media, big tech and big government? Somebody, somewhere, has to make sense of it all for the generations in our midst that have been denied an education, denied a family life, denied the knowledge of who they are and denied God’s truth about each one of us.

Really, how can any of us be trusted to come up with the answers to any of this stuff on our own?

Is the end really nigh?

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