James Dobson blasts Biden agenda as 'coup de grâce for America'

President Joe Biden talks on the phone with service members attending Super Bowl LV watch parties in Kabul and aboard the USS Nimitz Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021, at the Lake House in Wilmington, Delaware. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

The radical agenda the Democratic Party’s far left is advancing through President Joe Biden could be the “coup de grâce for America,” warns evangelical leader James Dobson.

Dobson, who has advised five presidents on family and faith issues, warned weeks ago that the nation is “teetering near the point of no return.” Shortly after Biden’s first day in office, he cited the influence of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in driving the “takeover by the radical left.”

In his latest newsletter, Dobson said a “spirit of fear and apprehension has gripped us as our nation has swerved to the far Left.”

“Not since the Civil War has there been such consternation about who we are as a people and where the culture appears to be headed,” he said.

“America has been guided since the days of our founders by the Judeo-Christian system of values that was rooted in biblical truth. Now, every vestige of that identity is in the clutches of politicians who despise it,” said Dobson, who founded James Dobson Family Institute and hosts the “Family Talk” radio program heard on hundreds of radio stations.

But he said discouragement is no reason to “cut and run.”

“We must defend what we have inherited. Our progeny will either thank us or condemn us for what we do right now. The first objective of today’s revolutionaries is to tear down monuments, rewrite textbooks, and sow discord throughout the nation. Their movement has many names. One of them is the ‘cancel culture,’ which seeks to demolish everything that made America great. Would you have believed a time was coming when George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln would be scorned? That day is here. I worry especially about millions of children who are being taught to hate this country and disdain its heroes.”

Two bills, however, if passed, would end up being the “coup de grâce for America,” he warned

The first is Nancy Pelosi’s HR 1, which he said is “falsely titled” the For the People Act of 2021.

It’s passed the House and is now before the Senate.

It would, Dobson said, citing Gary Bauer’s research, ban state voter ID laws, require states to allow same-day voter registration and boost the potential for fraud. It would require voter registration when people sign up for welfare, allowing illegal aliens to be registered, turn over taxpayers’ funds to political campaigns, force states to allow voting by convicted felons after release and “dramatically expand the use of mail-in balloting,” which often is rife with fraud.

He charged Democrats are “willing to override any sense of election integrity to produce a power grab. The only question is, will the Senate join this brazen plan to undermine our constitutional republic and destroy forever the integrity of U.S. elections? We cannot allow this to happen on our watch! America needs its patriots to stand strong and to be heard.”

Then there’s the so-called Equality Act, he said, which also has passed the House.

Dobson, who earned his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in child development, said it would require that boys be allowed in locker rooms for girls.

“In Georgia, this absurd policy led to the sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl,” he said.

It also allows biological men to compete in women’s sports. The issue has been spotlighted by female athletes in Connecticut who have sued because males were depriving them of opportunities to win titles and scholarships.

“Most damaging, this reprehensible legislation will gut existing protections for people of faith under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which provides a layer of protection against laws that infringe upon religious freedom,” he warned. “The bottom line—Christians and people of faith will become second-class citizens as LGBTQ ideology will trump God’s truth and biological reality.”

The bill also would force the closure of faith-based foster care and adoption services, bar many employers from acting consistent with biblical beliefs, force ministries to compromise their beliefs and force “medical professionals” to harm people through “gender transition’ procedures.

“If it passes and is signed into law by President Biden, America will have raced past the point of no return in its embrace of LGBTQ orthodoxy. Attorneys are already lining up to bring suits against those who violate the provisions of this radical legislation,” he said.

“Now is the time to engage our legislators like never before—we must write, email, and call our senators to let them know that we unequivocally stand in OPPOSITION to both HR 1 and the Equality Act. We cannot afford to be idle while our country is hijacked by the Left-driven agenda of the Democrat Party. If we do not act now, this window of opportunity that we have to save what we hold dear will close quickly, and America’s shining light to the world will go out.”

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