Jobs report: The real message of Janet Yellen's presser

On Friday, May 7, the federal government reported that less than 300,000 net new jobs were created in April, which was more than 600,000 fewer than what was expected. Again: more than 600,000 fewer than what was expected. Let that sink into your mind. 600,000. So, only one-third of the expected jobs were created. One-third.

Joe Biden quickly took to the mainstream media stations to try to spin away the bad news with a quick statement. Then Janet Yellen, secretary of Treasury, held a press conference … without Biden. Listen closely. Yellen answered questions from the press.

In her press conference, Yellen stated:

1. The recovery would be a bumpy road.

2. Since the economy was so strong in February 2020 prior to the pandemic, it will be quite some time before the nation reaches the employment numbers that were achieved prior to the pandemic.

3. Many people are not returning to work because they cannot find anyone to care for their children since many schools are not totally open.

4. The stimulus checks were needed because so many people could not return to work since schools were not open, even though there are now 7.4 million unfilled job openings.

5. Employment numbers will not start growing significantly again until September when the stimulus checks and extra unemployment benefits run out and kids return to school, even though there are 7.4 million openings now.

6. Shortages in raw materials like wood and plastic (oil) are keeping some manufacturing companies from hiring now.

7. The low jobs number was not because of a lack of available jobs, but because of a lack of available workers.

OK, let’s get this straight. Biden told America prior to becoming president that he would have the schools reopen immediately after his inauguration. But now, Biden does not answer tough questions about why those schools did not open, and the media do not ask those questions of him. So Democrats, through Yellen, are now saying that:

1. The economic recovery will be bumpy road now that they cannot coast off the Trump economic actions that were put in place prior to Jan. 21, 2021.

2. The Trump economy was so strong before the virus from China that Democrats won’t be able to match it before the 2022 elections.

3. The refusal of teachers to return to work is the cause of so many other people not returning to work.

4. Stimulus checks and extra unemployment benefits are making it so many people do not have to return to work, even though there are 7.4 million job openings.

5. Democrats do not know how to fix the supply shortages in lumber, oil, etc. that keep manufacturers from returning to the Trump normals in production because their policies helped create those shortages.

OK, I get it. Do you? Once again, Democrats are backing off their promises before the elections and are now trying to reset expectations lower since they now own this situation.

The truth? The recent stimulus legislation caused actions counter to what is good for Americans. Cuts in oil production, mining, lumber, etc. by Biden continue to hurt the U.S. And the teachers unions are at the heart of what makes Americans dependent again (and those teachers are teaching their values to our children).

Plus, Democrats still want to allow more immigrants to enter the country. Why? Because their oligarch donors like Bezos, Soros, Gates, Buffet and Bloomberg want to fill those 7.4 million job openings with cheap labor.

Were those jobs ever supposed to be for Americans, or did Democrats always want them for immigrants? Did Democrats use stimulus money to placate American workers so that they would not notice that more and more immigrants are entering the United States to take those unfilled jobs?

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