Joe Biden: The walking dead

Once again Jimmy Carter can breathe easier as another layer of worthless, ineffectual, bigoted, racist flesh now separates him from being the worse president in the history of America. Obama earned that title on steroids; but records are made to be broken, and that brings me to “Dementia Joe Biden.”

Carter was and is a racist anti-civil rights crusader who loved to tell how his mama took care of their “nigras.” Obama is a racist contradiction in terms and values whose wife redefines uncouth. He embraces Islam, but publicly admits to having a ravenous sexual appetite for white men. The Obama woman is alleged to have a voracious appetite for vodka and men.

But this isn’t about previous failures; it’s about Biden. He’s a ghost of a man who needs note cards to count to five even when his fingers are available. Looking into his eyes is like looking at a sign that says “vacancy.” His eyes are dead and lifeless. You can literally watch the difficulty he has in putting words into sentence form. His is truly the sad end result of a wasted life.

It’s no secret that Biden has always been a drunken, womanizing, open-his-mouth-and-anything-comes-out simpleton. Colleagues on Capitol Hill who like him publicly concede with little or no prompting that he is a mean-spirited yet sometimes likable guy who isn’t very smart.

The dolorous facial expression he exhibits reminds the public of a person staring at a digital clock, unable to tell the time. What does that say about the people trying to convince We the Public that Biden is capable of lifting a glass to his mouth without pouring the liquid on his chest?

If Joe Biden cannot coherently speak to the press, give a speech or do an interview with a friendly commentator, what must his conversations be like with foreign leaders? Foreign leaders may not have liked President Trump, but they certainly respected and still respect him. But, I digress.

Biden fails to realize that kissing rings and apologizing for President Trump putting America first doesn’t show strength. To rapacious leaders of foreign governments, weakness isn’t an admired virtue.

Apart from spending his life in politics, Biden has accomplished nothing. He has bragged about lying and boasted that he used blackmail to have persons who threatened his corruption removed from their positions. He has repeatedly lied about the death of his wife. “The big guy” is reported to have enriched his immediate family in the hundreds of millions of dollars. He has used his lifelong political career not to help the America people, but to blackmail, steal and engage in moneymaking rackets created by politicians to enhance their fortunes.

Biden came from essentially nothing. He was a drunken blowhard in Scranton before hitching his wagon to the erstwhile villainy of Delaware by obtaining a political career that has been beneficial to the unsavory of the moneyed class in that state.

Allegations abound that he stole his friend’s wife. His drug-addicted, sex-obsessed son is reported by reputable sources to have been sexually involved with a prepubescent family member – so why should it be a surprise that Biden is mistreating and betraying We the People?

The job of the president is to: “… uphold justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to We the People and our posterity.”

The president’s job is not to destroy the economy, be responsible for shuttering businesses, promote sodomy and implement the most reprehensible edicts of tyranny, beyond those perpetrated by Carter and Obama.

Biden has increased immiseration for American people unlike any before him. Albeit, he has followed in the footsteps of Carter and Obama vis-à-vis terrorists given carte blanche to kidnap, murder and hold Americans hostage.

For a man who needs pictures on note cards to go to the bathroom, he, like Obama and Carter before him, is quick to insult and mock the American people.

If I were in a restaurant seated next to him and was asked to explain and discuss supply chain, I would say: “Supply chain references specifically the nexus of a system from production to delivery in toto including the sourcing of materials necessary to continue satisfactorily fulfilling the prolepsis of said product(s) to market.”

I would also tell him that he has gone out of his way to ensure the disruption of same at a tremendous cost to the public. I’d tell him even Bill Clinton understood that to be insanity. I’d say that I realize he isn’t the sharpest pencil in the box, because successful people emulate successful people. Emulating thieves, liars and sexual molesters isn’t a strategy to improve upon the greatness of President Trump.

I’d conclude with “Let’s go, Brandon!” Your poll numbers should prove the truth of my words. I’d also remind him that with his health failing rapidly, it might make sense to think about eternity. Because, in my faith, homosexuality, advocating for murdering children, lies, adultery and sexual molestation are not pendants to wave on one’s deathbed – even if you’re a Biden.


This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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