Joe Biden's disastrous welcome mat

It’s hard to believe, but everything I read from Washington about our border situation with Mexico seems to say that there is virtually no border dividing the two countries and that the Biden administration is saying “come on in” to anyone and everyone.

How did we get to this point? What happened to the concept that the United States is a sovereign nation and that our borders protect our citizens from invasion from the rest of the world?

I’m not talking about people who are legitimate refugees from other countries and who are admitted to this country under orderly and legal guidelines. Think about post-World War II and post-Vietnam – when thousands of refugees were allowed into the country and many, if not most, stayed to become citizens and productive members of American society.

I lived in New Jersey in an area where thousands of refugees from the horrors of World War II in Europe settled. They learned the language and became productive members of our society. The many I met and knew over the years appreciated American hospitality.

What is going on today is far from that. First, there is NO formal, logical, or legal procedures for these so-called refugees to follow.

This country has seen – and is seeing – thousands of people from below the border and indeed from countries across the world simply come into the country on their terms, with plans to stay.

The terrible part of this is that any guidelines to control this movement of people that may have been in place under the Trump administration have been eliminated by the Biden administration. It’s as though Joe Biden has laid out a “make yourself at home” policy for people from everywhere.

They call it “comprehensive immigration reform,” but it adds up to continuing the open borders, allowing the so-called sanctuary policies and coming up with a plan to grant these people American citizenship. Whether these migrants deserve such considerations seems not to be part of the plans.

An interesting part of all of this is that while Biden blames the crisis at the border on Donald Trump, the problems south of the border have existed for decades. Any honest look at the politics and conditions in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala will reveal that the economic horrors there have nothing to do with Trump. It’s been going on for decades. It’s no surprise people want to leave, but it is NOT the responsibility of the United States to let them all into our country.

The chaos is not an accident, because the Biden administration essentially promised more open-border policies and amnesty to illegals.

That people and the drug cartels are taking them up on their promises should surprise no one.

Latest figures from the U.S. Customs website show that apprehensions in late 2020 were at 71,945 and jumped to more than 172,000 in March – a record number. Who are they, where are they, and what will happen to them? Who knows?

We’ll know more on May 15, when Joe Biden is expected increase the number of refugees allowed in the country. The Trump limit was 15,000 – Biden has said he wants to increase it to 62,500.

The new allocations provide room for people from Africa, the Middle East and Central America. It’s also reported that Biden would lift Trump’s restrictions on resettlements from Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

And you thought we were just dealing with Mexico!

According to a report in the L.A. Times, Barack Obama established a quota of 110,000, but only 5,000 of them were from Latin America and the Caribbean; 35,000 went to Africa and 40,000 to the Near East/South Asia region.

Alejandro N. Mayorkas, Biden’s secretary of homeland security, says that we are expelling most single adults and families but are not expelling unaccompanied children

According to him, “We are securing our border” and in doing that, safeguarding “the American public and the migrants themselves, and protecting the children.”

Biden appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to oversee immigration, but she has not found it within the scope of her duties to go to the border to see what is really happening there. We are told she has had Zoom meetings with the presidents of those states south of the border, but what good that will accomplish remains to be seen. We are told she would focus on curbing “the current flow of migrants and implementing a long-term strategy that addresses the root causes of migration.”

One of the plans is to grant millions of dollars to those countries to help their economies and problems with drug cartels. Another plan is to work with Mexico on their plan to pay hundreds of poor people to plant thousands of trees and cultivate them as they grow, to keep people employed so they will not want to migrate. And we will pay for it!

While all this goes on, the administration has ordered that the government can no longer use the words “alien,” “illegal” and “assimilation” when dealing with migrants. “Non-citizen,” “migrant,” “undocumented” and “integration” are words that are allowed.

Despite all that, hundreds of illegal aliens have been released into U.S. border cities, and the governor of Arizona has ordered at least 250 National Guard troops to assist at the border of his state.

This is just the beginning of a change in the border situation.

Stay tuned.

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