Judge Jackson: The latest cruel hoax foisted on feminist women

Ketanji Brown Jackson, Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee, is a reminder that for all of the boastful bravado regarding the elevation of women, Marxists and their Democratic sycophants hold women in the lowest of esteem. Jackson also reminds me of just how “man dominated” Marxists are from the top down.

What I find interesting is how ignorant liberal, feminist women are to this reality despite the lies they tell themselves and your girls to the contrary. Let me explain what I base my point of view upon.

The superlatives mouthed about this rabid neo-Leninist woman have nothing to do with judicial competence. They do, however, have everything to do with her being a crayon out of a box color crayons. Marxist front groups supported by the Democratic Party claim that her having been a public defender is worth a gold star.

Melanin content is not synonymous with judicial aptitude in any scenario I can reference. Jackson’s being a proponent of infanticide speaks to her Erebusic depravity not her skill as a jurist; and her shameful record of leniency toward child predators points to a predisposition that is not supported by laws in America.

I predict she will be the first female Supreme Court justice with her particular Crayola crayon hue. If I were her, I would be insulted if the test of my judicial capacity were predicated upon being a crayon color juxtaposed to my being a fierce and uncompromising defender of the Constitution.

I would be deeply offended if the chants of praise were based upon my not supporting the Constitution. I would especially feel that way if my self-esteem were based upon being the first crayon color woman to sit upon the highest court in the land.

But, why would Biden’s kind change how they viewed woman now? The wild-eyed liberal, crazed feminists can make any erroneous claim the want, but at the end of the day they are nothing more than pieces of meat to the Marxian cultural agenda.

I have to laugh every time I hear some liberal feminist claiming another of their kind is a “strong, independent, brave woman.” What a crock of vomit mixed with the substance that comprises encopresis sans micturition.

If Hollywood women are “so strong and independent,” why do they have to sleep with directors and producers to get a role in a movie? If liberal Hollywood women are so admirable, why are they expected to murder their unborn children to keep their jobs? Or is that their demented definition of “independent and strong”?

These women love to talk about the great and all-powerful Hillary. I ask you, if Hilary is so powerful and such an independent woman, why was the nomination taken from her in 2007 and given to Obama? Or are we supposed to forget that the Clinton team had dirt on Obama that was reputed to be so devastating that it would force him from the race? Somehow, said information quietly disappeared.

The Marxian elements responsible for stealing the election from President Trump in favor of a stuttering, stammering, diaper wearing, cognitively impaired molester of women – who if the Catholic Church leadership had any moral fiber would be excommunicated – could have just as easily stolen the election for Hillary in 2015.

Pelosi may be speaker of the House, but as such she is little more than a toothless old sot suffering from tardive dyskinesia and some pronounced form of hebephrenia. In brief, she’s a toothless old dog who wags her tail when the true Marxian leadership gives the order.

Obama single-handedly made it possible for Title IX protections and the enforcement of standards of equipoise between male and female sports to be circumvented and then completely abandoned.

Thus the doors have been opened for a man to simply claim that he’s a woman and compete in female sport of his choice. The women have been dealt a damning blow of unfairness while the Marxian male-dominated leadership of Democrats ignores the injustice, as the likes of Will Thomas, the supposedly transgender swimmer rewriting the female swimming records using the name “Lia.” The women being injured by this travesty are forced to remain silent under threat of losing their scholarships if they speak out.

Liberal feminists would do well to read “The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know and Men Can’t Say” by the late Phyllis Schlafly and Suzanne Venker.

Together Mrs. Schlafly and Mrs. Venker detail exactly the point I am making here, i.e., the liberal feminist movement has been a cruel trick perpetrated upon gullible women by the enemy of our souls. It has resulted in reducing said women to pieces of meat to be used and abused to the pleasure and will of the male-dominated leadership of the Marxian theology.

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