Just ahead: 90 days of KKK-style politics

By Mike Pottage

The 2022 Democrat-produced election theater blasted into the headlines. Democrats certainly could not run an election based upon the record and glib performance of Joe Biden and his Congress. They found they needed something bigger than starting a $100 billion war on the border with Russia. They transitioned to capturing and imprisoning political prisoners, and even stagged a KKK-style congressional hearing and public lynching – but it was not enough to distract Americans.

To sum it all up: zilch!

Why not raid the home of the former president, and then stage a weekly “what if” or “look over here at what we found …” to feed the fear. This from the same FBI that covered up the Biden laptop from hell and the Hillary Clinton private server!

What might we expect during the intervening 90 days before the November 2022 election? The search and seizure by the FBI was not necessary, but it will be a win/win for Democrats.

Without the raid, the media would be forced to continue to focus on inflation and economic disaster, the classroom chaos brought by a communist-spawned CRT curriculum, the death and destruction wrought by the criminal class, repeated foreign-policy debacles, the abandonment of America’s borders, massive homelessness, record drug abuse and general failure of the Democratic Party in Congress and the White House.

But with this raid, the media, which are 99.9% pure Democratic leftist, will be able to focus on their Nemesis, Donald Trump. Let the nightly shock and awe begin.

To make sure the scandal runs the up to Election Day, the U.S. Justice Department and FBI “will not comment” on “an ongoing investigation,” which leaves the press free to speculate.

The press speculation will portray Donald Trump as the worst criminal in history. No insult will be left unsaid. As the partisan work of the faux Jan. 6 Committee fades into nothingness, like the two impeachment trials before it, the chief players in the justice system have set the table for a Democratic victory in November. A Nov. 8 victory is the Democrats’ target, not Donald Trump.

Two years ago the politicization of justice in America set up the election of the most unqualified, incapable presidential candidate imaginable. America has been without a president since Jan. 20, 2021. No one outside of the inner circle of the Democratic Party knows who is making the decisions.

Democrats believe they are one election away from completing their revolution to replace the republic, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with a socialist dictatorship operating on the same rules as the Communist Party of China.

Americans are being herded from one crisis to another crisis, and the fear mongering will continue until the people accept one-party dictatorship. COVID and climate change come to mind.

Remarkably, it took only a few days for the media to take this FBI raid nuclear.

Remember the infamous slur of the daisy commercial run against Barry Goldwater by Lyndon Johnson? A beautiful little girl sits in a field of blooms, and counts and picks off the flower petals. As she counts, there is a voice-over countdown, a great flash of light, and the voice says, “These are the stakes …” Vote for Lyndon Johnson or die.

That was the 1964 election, and here we are, nearly 60 years later, and the Democratic Party has not thought of a new campaign theme. It only took them hours to trot out the nuclear campaign option, this from a political party led by a man who thinks two consecutive months of 8.5% inflation means there is no inflation. The word, Joe Biden said, was “zero, zero inflation. …” That reminded one of the president falling off a bicycle.

For days the media have fixated upon the search warrant. The warrant is irrelevant. What is newsworthy is the content of the documents presented to the judge by the DOJ to justify the issuance of the warrant.

Obviously, the application for the warrant is fiction. If the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation had the evidence in hand, they would not have needed a search warrant to gather evidence, only to protect it. Since Mr. Trump was in New York Aug. 8, the FBI cannot claim urgency.

Beyond that, so what if the warrant claims the boxes of materials packaged up by the General Services Administration contained classified material? Gasp! What if there was a Top Secret stamp on one of the papers?

A fair-minded person might ask, since Donald Trump had nothing to do with the packing of those boxes, why would he be held responsible for the content? If he knew there was classified material in those boxes, why did he grant access to the FBI? Since the boxes were in a secure, locked room, a room that had been locked according to the direction of FBI agents, how could Donald Trump be guilty of carelessness? If the content was not secure, since the FBI ordered a lock, the FBI is responsible.

Each week between now and Nov. 8, there will be a Democratic operative spreading rumors of a terrible act by Donald Trump, an act revealed by a 6th cousin, twice removed from the great grand uncle of the Mar-a-Lago cleaning lady.

Normally, the GOP leadership responds to these attacks with the effectiveness of a man trying to defend against a swarm of bees using only a fly swatter. They swing at every rumor offered up by the Democrats and the media, instead of focusing on what upset the hive. In politics, that would be the many failures of what is demonstrably the worst president in the history of presidencies.

The entire Biden team constantly lectures Americans on how evil the nation is and why they must accept the “transition” to another form of government. That is echoed in the halls of the United Nations and its associated agencies. The world, it seems, wants to transition to Davos. Republicans might consider defining this new form of government, since Democrats refuse to do so, and outline what it will mean to lose the right to individual freedom and the free enterprise system.

In the last 48-hour news cycle it has been suggested Trump be put to death, a suggestion that pleased former CIA Director Michael Hayden. And the FBI has teamed up with Homeland Security to release a bulletin suggesting a nuclear dirty bomb might be placed near FBI headquarters and that revolutionary nationalists were threatening the transition from freedom to slavery.

Imagine Joe Biden, speaking to the lady who just asked, “What kind of government did you give us, sir,” and Biden saying, “a socialist dictatorship … if you can keep it.”

Mike Pottage has been a political reporter, columnist and newspaper editor headquartered in Los Angeles and Sacramento for more than 45 years.

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