Just in case American vanishes

Yes, there is something you can do to help preserve America. You don’t have to be loud, eloquent, learned, thrown in jail or become a victim of the left’s communist insanity.

America is first and foremost an ideal, one that lives in people’s minds and hearts. Once your mind and your heart are destroyed by leftist propaganda, the ideal of America vanishes with them.

In this sense America bears some resemblance to the difference between the spiritual and natural worlds. In the heavenly realm, things happen in the spiritual world first, before they happen in the natural, physical world.

Similarily (but not exactly the same), America must exist in the hearts and minds of enough people before it can become a reality in the physical world of nations. Our founders’ Christian faith carried them through impossible battles and against unconquerable foes, before America emerged into nationhood in the physical world. It did this because it was first born in the spiritual realm.

Some of us learn best by example. For that reason I will share the personal history that brought this column to mind now. I have – and you likely do as well – an old and dear friend who has faithfully sent greeting cards on birthdays, anniversaries; thank you notes for gifts received, and remembered many more occasions in my life. Out of the blue I was moved to send her a thank you letter for all that she has faithfully remembered in my life.

For that kindness, I was rewarded with a handwritten history of her own family including her grandparents, who grew up as new immigrants to America in the 1890s to early 1900s. They left their native land because of religious persecution. This included not being able to get jobs and work. America welcomed them.

My friend’s father and mother were married in the midst of the Great Depression. They worked, saved, and eventually bought a small farm, which the bank repossessed. Her father found work as a tradesman. Two more children were born. One Monday morning her father became ill, was taken to a small hospital, and by Wednesday he died of the tuberculosis he did not know he had. Her mother was left alone with five children. She wrote, “Our father had made the last payment on the house they had bought … things looked bleak, but Daddy and Mother were Christians. The faith they possessed was real, and Mother explained the gospel to us as soon as we could understand it!” She went on to describe nurse’s training and her work in hospitals, meeting her husband to be and marrying, and having her own children.

Early on I promised there was something you could do to help keep America from vanishing. Here it is: Document what we had, when all we had was God and each other. Just like this dear friend, each of you have someone in your family who has a story to tell. Because it is real it will make their story real to the people walking our land today who do so in the fog of lies, propaganda and evil, which is all they see.

In this sense, nations are very much like people: God made each one for his own purposes. Your job, whether nation or individual person, is to find what God made you to do. He will empower you in that task, and the gates of hell will not withstand your calling from the God of Heaven. Go in peace, but know that when you discover your calling, God will move Heaven and earth to help you.

No government is here to empower you. Each one is here to enslave you, deprive you of the rights God has given you, and then take credit for whatever you manage to accomplish in spite of their efforts. Just like Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Stalin and the rest of the world’s want-to-be dictator-gods, communism and fascism are the tools of the trade today, aided by big tech censorship and big media wartime grade propaganda campaigns.

If they manage to take America, all these stories that are hidden within your family will disappear as well. But if together we expose only a tiny fraction of the truth, even by word of mouth, America will yet survive, because it is first and above all a spiritual nation, albeit one that has strayed far from the truth. But God always forgives when He sees sincere repentance. The story you find in your family history may be the story that leads someone in need to repentance, faith in Christ and eternal life.

These stories are there, right where you live. Do some digging. Then write it up and email and post it where others will see the truth – and it is the truth that sets us free.

Godspeed, fellow American.


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