Justice Sotomayor adopts pro-life arguments in opinion

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor

In a recent case, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor sided with abortionists who sued the federal govenment for its rule banning the delivery of RU-486 abortion pills to women through the mail.

She lost, being only one of three justices to side with the abortionists. But in her arguments, she adopted pro-life positions, points out the American Center for Law and Justice.

Among her points was that abortion is like miscarriage.

“Miscarriages are a bad thing that we seek to avoid,” the ACLJ noted. “Justice Sotomayor explains (p. 1) that medication abortions ‘induce the equivalent of an early miscarriage.’ She even repeats this point (p. 8): medication abortion is ‘the equivalent of an early miscarriage.’ Exactly right.

“In both abortion and miscarriage, the expectant mother loses her baby, which is tragic and regrettable. The only difference is that abortions are deliberate, which makes them far worse,” the ACLJ said.

Sotomayor also admitted that surgical abortion is physically invasive.

She wrote that “surgical abortions are far more invasive than medication abortions.”

“When a woman undergoes surgical abortion, she requires local anesthesia and sometimes sedation, her cervix is stretched with dilating rods, a tube is inserted through her cervix into her uterus, and, depending on the particular procedure, various medical tools are used to remove fetal tissue from her uterus,” the justice said.

And she admitted surgical abortions put women at risk of COVID-19.

“The COVID–19 pandemic has thus made many typical activities more difficult and dangerous. A trip to the doctor’s office is no exception,” Sotomayor said.

Finally, she said statistics “cherry-picked” by pro-abortion activists are no more reliable than “reading tea leaves.”

The ACLJ said the abortion industry “has long pushed the incorrect claim that abortion is safer than childbirth.”

“To do so, abortion activists cherry-pick inapposite health figures for phony comparison,” the legal group said.

“Abortion is built on the lie that killing a baby before birth is somehow good or necessary,” the ACLJ said. “Like most lies, it generates more lies to cover up the first one; and ultimately, the defenders of the original falsehood end up tangling themselves in contradictory knots. Justice Sotomayor has helpfully conceded some important pro-life arguments, even while attempting to do so in the service of expanding abortion. This was inevitable. Let’s hope and pray the Supreme Court will soon cast off the faulty, dishonest foundations upon which the entirety of modern abortion jurisprudence rests.”

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