Kamala and Kwanzaa: 2 fakes for a dubious future

Earlier this week, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris posted a bunch of wistful tweets supposedly detailing her childhood Kwanzaa celebrations. It didn’t take long for critics and detractors to unload on the alleged vice president-elect for having likely fabricated these cherished “childhood memories” – and with very good reason.

“Our Kwanzaa celebrations are one of my favorite childhood memories,” one tweet said. “The whole family would gather around across multiple generations and we’d tell stories and light the candles.” As a bunch of Twitterites indicated, this is highly unlikely, since Harris was born in 1964, and Kwanzaa wasn’t even “a thing” until 1966.

I was born in 1961. As I’ve mentioned previously in this space, I grew up on a first-name basis with the children of slain civil rights leader Malcolm X. I vividly remember seeing the newspaper and TV reports of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination. I also had a mother who was singularly focused on the education of black youth in our community throughout my childhood. What all this means is that I was very conscious of things that were going on at that time in the area of race relations and civil rights, and the changes that were taking place.

I didn’t even hear about Kwanzaa until the late 1970s, and at that time, I saw it exactly for what it was: a contrived, pretentious bunch of garbage calculated by the political left to sow racial division. Later on, of course I learned how fake Kwanzaa truly was, having been invented from whole cloth by black radical and FBI informant, Ron Karenga, who also founded a violent black nationalist group that rivaled the Black Panthers back in the day – the Crips to the Black Panthers’ Bloods, you might say.

So it’s pretty much impossible that the half-black, half-Indian Harris ever celebrated Kwanzaa as a child, a notion reinforced by photos released of Harris as a child and her family celebrating … Christmas!

But let us not allow facts to get in the way of crafting a bogus legacy, shall we? From 2007 on, commentators such as myself and our readers screamed from the rooftops as regards the counterfeit origin story and bona fides of one Barack Hussein Obama. It didn’t seem to matter to those enamored of Obama at the time, and even a birth certificate so carelessly crafted that even a junior high school student could have recognized it as a forgery upon cursory examination did nothing to diminish the cult of Obama. Neither the press nor Obama’s supposed adversaries in the Republican Party had any desire to even consider the truth, let alone disseminate same; over the next eight years, it became chillingly apparent that both the press and the GOP leadership were solidly behind the (Deep State) oligarchy.

So there’s really no need to get into the fact that Kamala Harris has never been more than an over-educated prostitute and identity politics-hustling hypocrite who threw blacks under the bus in order to advance her career. And there’s probably no point in sounding alarms over the danger attendant to this vile, cackling witch potentially being one embolism away from the presidency.

The efforts of Kamala Harris to ingratiate herself to those on social media do give rise to a question many have asked about some of the more audacious false claims made by prominent leftists over the last few years, however: Why are these people so quick and so willing to make statements that can so easily be proven false?

One would think that such people would harbor concern for damaging their credibility, but apparently credibility now matters as little as the truth. Elected Democrats and leftist political operatives are only playing to their base and the propagandized, low-information masses; any inconsistencies concerning their rhetoric will be handily spun away by the press and managed by their Big Tech cronies.

So, Kamala Harris can say anything she likes about Kwanzaa or anything else, since we’re a nation that’s apparently all right with rewriting history. Barack Obama is now an elder statesman and our celebrated first black president; he flies around the world spouting the same anti-American bilge he spouted as president, while receiving all of the fortune and glory due a former chief executive of our nation. The fact that he and his cabal spent eight years dedicatedly decimating our economy, military, domestic tranquility and international standing has been conveniently forgotten.

Worse, Obama’s efforts toward weaponizing federal agencies and cementing the power of the Washington establishment figured prominently in the underhanded political resistance President Trump’s administration has faced, as well as – in all likelihood – the death of free and fair elections in America.

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