Kerry blasted for being 'Putin's useful idiot'

Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry participates in a briefing Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021, in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House photo by Chandler West)

John Kerry, Joe Biden’s “climate czar” who famously scolded those who criticized him for taking a gas-guzzling private jet to Iceland to collect a “climate change leadership award,” saying that was the “only choice for someone like me,” is being blasted for now posturing as “Putin’s useful idiot.”

Useful “climate” idiot, that is.

It is Rupert Darwall, a senior fellow at RealClearFoundation and an author of a book on the green agenda, who wrote at Real Clear Energy about Kerry, who has made multiple statements since Russia invaded Ukraine and started killing civilians that he was concerned about the emissions from the war.

“Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine marks the end of the West’s Era of Illusions. It was an era in which Western elites obsessed about solving climate change because the climate crisis was far more dangerous than issues of war and peace and the stability of the international system,” Darwall wrote. “They even convinced themselves that climate change causes war, so climate change policy could double as national security policy; and, for many years, the annual round of kumbaya U.N. climate talks was the apogee of international relations.”

It was in a BBC World Service interview that Kerry fretted about the greenhouse gases from the war against Ukraine.

“Kerry was just getting warmed up with a string of platitudes that show him as a deluded climate relic, unable to come to terms with the reality that Putin has imposed on the world,” Darwall wrote.

Kerry’s complaint was, “Equally importantly you’re going to lose people’s focus.” As if “the first invasion of a sovereign European country since the Second World War is an annoying distraction,” Darwall noted.

Kerry then noted he would like Putin to “stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.”

But Darwall pointed out that Russia’s agreement under the Paris climate agreement is to limit emissions by 2030 to 70% of the 1990 levels, which were before the collapse of the “highly inefficient and heavily polluting centrally planned Soviet economy.”

And Russians routinely have ridiculed the idea of the sky falling because of global warming.

Putin’s former economic adviser, Andrei Illarionov, at one point, said, “Anyone who is frightened about the prospect of global warming is welcome to come and live in Siberia.”

And Darwall pointed out that the Russian models for climate simulations have proven to be very accurate, and suggest very little threat.

“When it comes to the science of climate change, there can be few people quite as gullible and simpleminded as John Kerry,” Darwall explained, citing his comments to children that global warming threats were “absolutely certain.”

But Darwall noted one area of agreement for Putin and Kerry: their antagonism to fracking. Kerry’s likely stems from the fact it’s part of the fossil fuels industry.

Putin’s, however, is likely because fracking across the U.S. has proven to vastly increase energy production, and he would rather see the profitability of Gazprom, the Russian state-owned energy company, increase.

“Putin understands the importance of energy as an essential component of American strategic power. John Kerry does not. That is why, to borrow from Lenin, Kerry acts as Putin’s useful climate idiot. Putin’s invasion of Ukraine plunges the world into its gravest emergency since the Cuban missile crisis sixty years ago. It puts into perspective the folly of those, like Kerry, who confuse imaginary crises with real ones,” he explained.

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