Latest Tijuana border-crossers: Ukrainian refugees

What is happening in this world as we approach the season of spring, is something that should put the fear of God in our hearts. Whether or not you believe in God has nothing to do with it.

For the first time in a number of years, we are at the brink of what could evolve into what people are calling “World War III.” Do you know what that means? Whether or not that is accurate, just the fact that such a war’s possibility is being discussed should put the fear of God in your hearts.

Those of us who lived through the days of World War II, the use of the atomic bombs and the horrendous damage they caused are scarred forever. The following generations have only the words of history for reference, and for many, those words mean nothing. It’s a sad reflection on our education system.

Despite that, the incredible damage being caused in Ukraine by the incessant invasion by Vladimir Putin is, for many people, astonishing. They have never seen the results of such an invasion and really don’t know how to deal with it.

To make it worse, Putin has openly said he has put his nuclear arsenal on high alert. Western military experts add to that, saying that the threats include the possible use by Russia of chemical warfare.

While Ukraine is putting up a magnificent defense against the Russian attack, such an upgrade of the offense by Russia would be catastrophic. The reality of such a situation would mean the “war” would spread into Europe – and yes, that would mean a “World War” – No. 3, to be exact.

You might be wondering where the United States fits into all this.

You may have missed that Reuters reported this week that Russia has warned the United States, in effect: “We have the might to put you in your place.”

The Russians accused the U.S. of being behind a wild plot to tear Russia apart – referencing the massive economic attacks and powerful financial sanctions on the Russian economy since the Ukrainian attacks began.

It appears that not only does Russia want to destroy Ukraine, Moscow also sees us – the U.S. – as their enemy that needs taking down. To hear them tell it, they intend to do just that.

How the United States plans to deal with that remains to be seen.

One aspect of what we are directly dealing with is Ukrainian refugees. The news is filled with reports of the millions of Ukrainians who have left their country (and Russians who have left their country) and are seeking refuge in countries worldwide. Poland has taken in hundreds of thousands, but the numbers grow across Europe and yes, approaching the United States as well.

According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, (CBP) agents, we have already seen hundreds of Russian and Ukrainian refugees at our border, and many of them are making it across. The most common route is to take a flight from Russia to Mexico, go to Tijuana, and from there, cross the border. Apparently, there are so-called “helpers” who, for $1,500, get them a car, which is used to facilitate the border crossing as well as making it possible for as many as 10-12 people to cross at a time. One of the most popular spots for them to cross our border is at San Ysidro, close to San Diego, which gets them into California.

Mexico has said it will not close its country to these refugees, so it appears the United States will face the reality of thousands of these refugees at our Southern border, more than the usual numbers, every month.

Keep in mind, there are no health checks of these people, and in fact, we really don’t even know who they are. But, because of the loose Biden administration policies regarding the border and immigrants, the United States will be undergoing an even more massive invasion of people than we have been facing.

Under Biden, the focus is on only arresting people who have committed crimes, and as a result, immigration arrests have dropped nearly 40% from last year.

Total deportations fell to the lowest in CBP history, down nearly 70%. Keep in mind, there were changes in how immigrants/migrants were handled during COVID, but nevertheless it seems to suit the Democrats, who want the CBP/ICE agency eliminated entirely. When there are no formal deportations, the illegals by the thousands just cross into the states and disappear.

This is a dramatic difference from how the border was handled under the Trump administration – when ICE was directed to apprehend anyone in the country illegally, regardless of anything else about them.

It would be interesting to know how a “Trump presidency” would handle the Ukrainian/Russian border invasions we are facing.

Despite all this, the bottom line is that we are still facing an aggressive Russia under Vladimir Putin who is threatening the reality of that Third World War. If Putin does it, it will be catastrophic, and I won’t even begin to estimate what it would mean to the U.S. and rest of the free world.

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