Lawmakers in NATO ally propose ban on LGBTQ instruction to children

Hungary’s Viktor Orban with Hillary Clinton

Lawmakers in Hungary, one of America’s NATO allies, have proposed legislation that would ban any exposure of LGBTQ content, which is seen as promoting gay rights, to children in schools, according to a new report.

And the BBC says activists groups there are pushing U.S. President Joe Biden to pressure Hungarian President Viktor Orban to prevent it from being adopted.

The draft law, according to the report, would ban LGBT literature for anyone under 18, and that would include educational material and advertisements.

The restrictions are included in a piece of legislation that would punish pedophiles there. It charges that those under 18 must not be exposed to pornography, or any content that encourages gender change or homosexuality.

It’s not the first such statement in Hungary. Its government, as well as the government in Poland, both are under investigation by the European Union for alleged breaches of EU rules, as neither nation recognizes same-sex marriages and both have laws limiting gay adoption.

Hungary’s constitution, in fact, states that marriage is for heterosexual couples, the BBC explained.

Orban, who has won landslide election results since 2010, is preparing for the next vote his constituents have, in 2022.

The report said it is Budapest Pride that has been pressuring Biden to try to make Organ change his direction.

It said Hatter Society, one of the activist groups, claimed the Hungarian plan would “curb freedom of speech and children’s rights.”

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